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A Thousand ways to get chunked

Hi fellow sell-swords and adventurers

Yes a little morbid as a thread but sometimes the many different ways to get chunked is surprising and astonishing - that we go "huh how did that happen... or scream or OMG or %$&$#" so lets hear some of your favorite chunk stories.

Remembering getting chunked means getting blown to bits and not just dying, the portrait has to disappear if its an NPC although I wonder if the PC gets chunked will the portrait also disappear before you get the reload screen.

These stories about getting chunked can be about you the PC or about your NPCs as they adventured with you along the Sword Coast.

Lets start:

BG1: location Western Sword Coast area in a western shore (the map with Safana and the treasure in the cave)

This happened along the coast where the sirens appear. I had decided to get the treasure with Safana when we bumped into a bunch of hostile sirens who decided that they didn't like us around we fought got partially dominated and did a quick retreat but this is where the story starts.

Having Misnc in the party he activated his rage and I thought it would save him from their domination spell and it worked for a time. One siren fell and then another, when I noticed that although he didn't get charmed he was taking quite a bit of damage from the arrows. The party was a good distant away but we rushed to the rescue and with no other choice our mage threw a sleep spell and prayed that it hit.

Yes the sirens fell for a moment and we rushed over to give Misnc some healing but as we ran over one of the sirens got up and noticing Misnc getting fired her arrows. We rushed over and attacked her and chopped her down thinking we had saved Misnc when suddenly we heard a scream of anguish and Misnc's portrait disappeared from our party. One moment his portrait was here hurt and then a second later it disappeared. I looked around at where he should have been and he was chunked - I was astonished and shocked this has never happened before. I've had NPCs die to the sirens before but never get chunked by them.

The play by play as I scrolled back up to see what had happened said he got hit with an arrow (arrow of biting) and died but not only did he die he got chunked by the poison.

RIP in Misnc as there wasn't really a lot left to bury much less resurrect.

So a long story made shorter, I learned that poison from arrows of biting can chunk you.


BG2: Unseeing Eye Quest - temple of the forgotten god at their door step before crossing into their area.

I am not sure what happened here, Hexxat was scanning for traps and perhaps I moved her too fast (it couldn't have been more than 2 steps in the game) when she hit a trap. You know the sound effect when a someone hits a trap - and I though damn hope it won't hurt only to realize that Hexxat's portrait had disappeared from the screen. One moment there and another moment gone forever.

"OMG" she's a vampire and is supposed to be mostly immortal or so I had thought. The trap not only petrified her it blew her statue into a million pieces.

"Bloody %$^," I thought I didn't know that Hexxat could die like that.



  • SirBatinceSirBatince Member Posts: 845
    Never seen an arrow chunk ever except with the godbow

    Durlag crushing wall traps remain my favorite chunking :blush:

  • magisenseimagisensei Member Posts: 316
    Ah Durlag.... that reminds of an odd chunking story...

    You know the floor with the 4 wardens - well at the back wall is a secret door and on the floor of the door there is a ton of traps that you can find, the funny thing is that if you are going from the other side of the door and detect traps you can't see these traps and so my rather unlucky thief not seeing any traps triggered all of them - it was a spectacular display of explosions one after the other and the end result was ashes and not enough parts to fill a small box and so we left the tower because we are not suicidal.

  • jackjackjackjack Member Posts: 3,251
    edited June 2016
    That Durlag's crushing wall trap literally caused me to jump a little in my seat the first time I saw it. I was stunned. Poor Imoen. I guess it's true what they say, you can't disarm them all.

  • YelocessejYelocessej Member Posts: 182
    Back in the day, a good fireball could chunk (not just remove portrait, but CHUNK).

  • PohjanmaalainenPohjanmaalainen Member Posts: 35
    I just say this: my first encounter with the tactics Bodhi. It was awesome because only one standing was Kalten, our (co-op with my brother) berserk, who actually managed to run Bodhi trough with his sword while everyone else were all over the place in little, fleshy pieces...he died after the battle when his berserker rage ended and removed his last HP. It was also hilarious because CHARNAME, who laid the entire fight in his backside on the catacomb floor, yelled "Yes, crawl back to your master!" at Bodhi while still at his backside and everyone else dead.

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