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Lost items -is there a way to find them?

Greetings mercenaries... do you know if there's a way (using an app or whatever) to find items that are lost because you left them in a map, inside a shelf or whatever, and you forgot where you left them? Maybe an app that flags a map with for instance with "Long Bow of Marksmanship", and that way I know where to go and get it? (I know you can create items with editors or CLUA console, but I was just wondering if there's an app or editor that "flags" maps with current item locations.


  • JalilyJalily Member Posts: 4,681
    You can find lost items with Near Infinity (requires Java).

    1. Ctrl+F -> look up the item you want to find
    2. Double-click a result to open the ITM file in the main window
    3. Switch to the main window -> click the Edit tab for the ITM
    4. Find -> references to this file -> uncheck everything but SAV -> Search

    Note: This will search all the saves in your save folder.

    You can jump to the area in the game with C:MoveToArea("[area filename w/o extension]").

  • CLsdlt80CLsdlt80 Member Posts: 81
    edited February 2014
    Thanks for your help, when I do the search for SAV it doesn't seem to execute... as if it doesn't find any saved game. Could it be that it's only looking at the stuff in the "data" folder? (windows creates the saved games' folder in the libraries -> documents folder)...

    OK, so I copied the Save folder to the main folder and it finally searched. However the area it indicates is an area which I past a long time ago, the area in which you find the bow: the main hut of the bandit camp. Everyone is dead over there. So I'm starting to believe that when I installed the last patch something got bugged... I'm pretty sure I had stored the bow somewhere since I didn't need it for the time being, or that I had left it with Kivan or Coran... it's not on them and I can't find it anywhere... Thanks anyway for your tips.

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  • elminsterelminster Member, Developer Posts: 16,301
    There are lots of barrels and chests inside the tent. Not in any of those? Worst comes to worse you can always just console it all in.

  • beobeo Member Posts: 137
    edited July 2016
    I lost Nester's Dagger from dead Ankheg so I tried Jalily's method above, but it just says AR0900 which is the original location of a dagger.

    This dagger is really easy to miss so I'm not sure if I took it and sold/toss later or I just left it there with dead Ankheg.

    If I left it with a dead Ankheg, does it mean dagger disappeared and quest cannot be finished anymore?

  • alceryesalceryes Member Posts: 377
    You can use EEKeeper to add another Nester's dagger to your inventory.
    No muss, no fuss.

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