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BGEE2 tweeks (bug for BGEE & BG2EE)

ChaosRiderChaosRider Member Posts: 26
Hi! I've tried to create dwarv paladin and then ups... game crashed :P. I had to use ctrl + alt + delete to open task manager and kill process. So! Tell me by making free classes for all your races (there is one of last options in bg2 tweaks) and trying to create your own dwarv paladine, am I the only one with this bug? Other races have no problems with paladin class.


  • AionZAionZ Member Posts: 3,026
    Yeah... Don't do that. The problem with dwarf Paladins is that dwarves can't have more than 16 charisma and Paladins can't have less than 17 charisma so when you try to combine the two the game doesn't know what to do and then just crashes. You can still use EEKeeper (make a human paladin and change race and stats as desired).

  • ChaosRiderChaosRider Member Posts: 26
    Ok, other strange thing is that after unlocking classes for races dwarves doesnt have all available mage schools (necromancy is unavaible). Avaible for dwarv schools are Conjurer/Diviner/Enchanter/Illusionist/Transmuter.

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