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Huge Monstrosities are my thing. .

RodrianRodrian Member Posts: 421
edited June 2016 in Off-Topic
Don't judge. . just listen :expressionless:

It all began a few years back, with this one particular dream (careful, it will be a little bit cheesy :sweat_smile:)

I can't quite remember the origin of it, but basically the outcome was that I was staring at the full moon
- for some reason - when suddenly. .
IT BLINKED AT ME!  :flushed:


From that night forward, I was thrilled and got shivers on every Godzilla kind of movie, or simply by looking at some art just kept in this climate. .

Speaking of which - that is exactly why this thread arises to life!
So. .
Make. Me. Shiver!  :joy:

[Warning: I can't come up with any specific rules, but please - just (always!) remember to obey the rules prevailing on the forums commonly,
and to credit the artist/author/whomever provided us with the creeps!
Also, please, apart from the thread's title, try NOT TO post pictures for half of the page - keep it on an average size :wink:]

I'm gonna start, with a few of my favourites:







[FUN FACT: You can clearly say that also I have Thalassophobia, but that's a material for an another thread :lol:]

etc. etc. etc.
So. . You know the drill - heed the site rules and keep 'em comin ! ^^



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