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A small advice about Boarskyr Bridge area

Well i am about to enter crusaders camp with my Half Orc Berserker that is quite evil one and seek power and wealth not to be triffled with. Anyway he don't go on rampage every time but like blood just like korgan. With my int 11 i wonder if i should storm camp or try seek crusaders in temple quest to get other way. Would i miss a lot if i start fight ? What do you think from RP perspective.


  • Abi_DalzimAbi_Dalzim Member Posts: 1,410
    You pretty much have to go seek out the Temple. The only alternative as far as I know would involve attacking the crusade camp and trying to break their siege with a frontal assault, which is really hard. In the temple you'll find some crusaders you can release (or kill) in order to access the siege camp, as well as a wardstone to enter besieged Bridgefort itself, which gives you a number of options moving forward, but they all involve a temple trek.

  • namarienamarie Member Posts: 52
    I actually would love to try and defeat the entire crusader camp on my own. I just couldn't magage to finish everyone off before Flamingfists and Bridgefort defenders started joining the battle.

    If I simply attack the crusader camp without completing the temple quest/entering Bridgefort, would the fort defenders still join the battle? Is there any way to enter the Bridgefort (thus allowing me to complete all the quests in he fort) without bringing the defenders to your side in the big battle?

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