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Having Some Trouble Changing NPC Class With EE Keeper

fishhead202fishhead202 Member Posts: 25
I've been playing around with EE Keeper, and one thing I wanted to do was to edit the class of NPCs. The example I'm working on is changing Imoen to an archer.

I've reset everything to zero in EE keeper, and 1 XP. When I load up BG, I have her ready to level up, and she's listed as archer, Great!

BUT! I can only put 2 pips of weapon specialization into a bow.

So I tried her as a fighter, and get the same thing. Only two pips in any weapon.

My fear is that I'm not properly 'zeroing out' her original thief class. Aside from the weapon specialization, I fear that there may be other bits I'm missing as I continue to level up.

Is there something I'm missing regarding removing her original class?

Thank you in advance!


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