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BG2EE Compendium [Work in Progress]

mungomunkmungomunk Member Posts: 63
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What is the "BG2EE Compendium"
The "BG2EE Compendium" is inteded to be a "complete" guide to BG2EE including the mod Unfinished Business. The goal is to include a Walkthrough for any available quest, Companion Guide, Bestiary, Item Guide, Black Pits 2 Walkthrough, Clua Console Guide. Save to say the completion will take several month if not longer.

Hundreds of walkthroughs already exist for Bg2, why would you go through all the trouble of creating a new one?
Well, first of all working on stuff like this is a lot of fun to me. Secondly, I'm desperately missing a printed BG2 compendium in my bookshelf. Thirdly, most available walkthroughs online do not contain a comprehensive part for the EE or UB content.

Why do you include the UB content?
I haven't played BG2 without UB in years. It complements the game with cut original content and is by no means "just" a fan addition.

What format will the final guide be in?
It will be high quality pdf.

When will it be done?
I'm doing several playthoughs simultaneously and after all this is still a hobby next to my regular job. With that in mind I'll have to say: When its done. Sorry for being so vague.

Can I help?
You sure can! Be it proofreading, checking if something is missing or if my writing doesn't make any sense because it is inherently bad. Does the design have flaws? Is there a part that almost nobody seems to cover in their walkthrough, and that should be covered here?

Current State
- Introduction, Overview, Index, Character Import etc (very early planning stage)
- Chapter 1: Irenicus Dungeon (Draft complete)
- Chapter 2: Athkatla
  • Waukeen's Promenade (Draft complete)
  • Slums District (Draft complete)
  • Docks District (Draft complete)
  • Bridge District (in progress / on hold)
  • Temple District (Draft complete)
  • Government District (Draft complete)
  • Graveyard District (Draft complete)
  • City Gates (Draft complete)
- Adventures outside Athkatla:
  • De'Arnise (Draft complete)
  • Umar Hills & Shadow Temple (in progress)
  • Trademeet & Druid Grove (planning stage)
  • Windspear Hills
  • Wild Forest
  • Planar Prison
  • Planar Sphere
- NPC section (very early planning stage)
- Stronghold quests (very early planning stage)

Preview Files [also: Spoiler Alert^^]
See below for pages 06 - 22 (revised)
See below for pages 27 - 43 (updated & revised)

As I said before, questions, suggestions and criticism are very welcome. ;)
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  • ChidojuanChidojuan Member Posts: 211
    Dude, this is beautiful. Love it.
  • justfeelinathomejustfeelinathome Member Posts: 353
    edited May 2016
    Bookmarked. This can turn into something truly amazing. However, since it is beautiful I have to nitpick: :wink:

    Maybe in the beginning there should be a note on what can be carried over from BG: EE and where these items are? (Armors replacing Mail of the Dead, the Item replacing the Helmet of Balduran, the Weapon on the table next to the Sewer Golem and the Golden Pantaloons)

    And, on a similar note, do you plan to include the locations of the 10 items you can find if you've had them in your inventory at the end of SoD? EDIT: Because that's something not even all the veterans know yet! :smiley:
  • mungomunkmungomunk Member Posts: 63
    You are absolutely right, and I will include a page for importing characters from BG or SOD before the Irenicus Dungeon. I have a list of the ten SOD items somewhere, but not sure if I have all locations - I'll need to check that once more. Especially because my own imported saves from SOD seem to be somewhat corrupted and I couldn't find any of the items in my current run. Strange. Or it is a bug with UB?

    I'll also include the shaman specific items that are now a regular part of BG2EE in the genuine walkthrough.
  • elminsterelminster Member, Developer Posts: 16,305
    edited May 2016
    Great job!

    Just going to point out "powerful" under the "Hint" section (in the first pdf) is misspelled. Otherwise keep up the great work :)
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  • shawneshawne Member Posts: 3,239
    Bookmarked - this looks amazing. :)
  • mungomunkmungomunk Member Posts: 63
    Thank you for the replies so far. I have created a first draft for Irenicus Dungeon, Waukeen's Promenade and the Slums. I have added it to the updated first post. Enjoy!
  • mungomunkmungomunk Member Posts: 63
    The first drafts of the Temple, Government and Graveyard District as well as the City Gates have been completed and uploaded in the first post.

    The old preview has also been revised due to some minor design and spelling issues.

    It is going to be a while until the next update most likely, because I will be traveling until end of August (without internet^^) and then start a new job. Rest assured the project will not be dead - even if you don't hear from me for a while. Keep suggestions, ideas and criticism coming. :-)
  • mungomunkmungomunk Member Posts: 63
    edited September 2016
    After returning from my travels and settling into my new job I have found some time to actually continue my work on the Compendium. The new version now includes the Docks District as well as the D'Arnise Keep. The files can be found in the first post as always. Have fun:-)

    Unfortunately I deleted some early safes, so the Bridge District is on hold for now. It is about 95% finished with only the Twisted Rune missing. I'll resume work here later. For now I'll focus on Umar Hills, Trademeet etc and then head to Spellhold.

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