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Rogue Rebalancing on BGEE 2.3 on a Mac?

mrdeluxemrdeluxe Member Posts: 98
Anyone able to get it to work? I can't seem to get it to install…


  • mrdeluxemrdeluxe Member Posts: 98

    Try using the mod folder from the Windows version, with my Mac Weidu Launcher.

    That did it!! Thank you!

  • subtledoctorsubtledoctor Member Posts: 11,467
    NP. To be honest it really annoys me that G3 and SHS and PPG even offer special "Mac versions" of their mods. With HANDLE_AUDIO and HANDLE_CHARSETS etc. there is really no reason for there to be any difference in the contents of the mod folder itself. The only thing that should differe between platforms is the Weidu executable... and my Weidu Launcher contains that. :)

    They should simply offer THE mod folder, and the Windows Weidu executable. Then Mac user could simply chuck the .exe in the trash, and use the Mac version of Weidu. And we would never have to worry about the Mac versions of the mods lagging behind the Windows versions.

  • ThelsThels Member Posts: 1,339
    Wouldn't it be possible to include both the windows and the mac executable in the mod? I think I've seen some mods do that.

  • subtledoctorsubtledoctor Member Posts: 11,467
    Problem is, the Windows version of the Weidu executable runs when you double-click it, like any Windows program. The Mac version has to be invoked by the user. There are three methods to do that:

    1) Open Terminal, navigate to the game folder, and type in the command to run the mod's Weidu executable.
    - Benefit is, as you say, the modder can simply include Mac Weidu.
    - Downside is, a lot of players these days are put off by having to use the Terminal.

    2) The mod might include a .command script that invokes Weidu when you double-click it.
    - Benefit is, it's just as easy for the player to use as the Windows version.
    - Downside is, it's an extra file cluttering the game folder, and lots of mods don't include it, creating an inconsistent experience for users.

    3) Grab just the mod folder, forget about any Weidu executable, and use my Mac Weidu Launcher app.
    - Benefit: simple to use, and doesn't worry about Weidu, it works with any mod (including Windows 'versions' of mods) as long as you have the mod folder.
    - Downside: ??? (Naturally I'm biased in favor of this option.)

    I package all my mods with three things:
    - Mod folder
    - Windows Weidu executable
    - Mac Weidu Launcher

    Windows users obviously can ignore the things that says "Mac" in its name, and Mac users can obviously ignore the thing with an .exe extension. So each group can grab and use the two items for them and ignore the other one. And the mod doesn't have to worry about maintaining and offering separate platform-specific versions.

    The Mac Weidu Launcher is open source and all modders are welcome to package and distribute it with their mods. But so far, no one has actually done that. :tongue:

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