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Review request: NPC strongholds

AmmarAmmar Member Posts: 951
I am interested in playing this mod but would like to hear about experiences with it first, since I tend to be wary about dialogue heavy mods.

Especially interested would be to me:

* compability with 2.1
* bugs
* quality of dialogue
* any large change in rewards (items, XP)

Anyone writing a review would have my thanks :)


  • Saber83Saber83 Member Posts: 92
    Hi, if this is the G3 mod you're talking about then here are my 2 cents. Bear in mind that I haven't finished the game with this mod installed, nor have I played it with all possible party combinations.

    As far as I know it should be compatible with 2.1, though my version of the game hasn't been updated recently.

    At the time that I played the game, there was a problem with Anomen and the Cleric Stronghold, in that you could speak with Oisig to complete the quest (since Anomen is a priest of Helm, Oisig gives the quest), but the game doesn't register that you completed it. I had informed the creator and it should be fixed. I can't recall any other bugs.

    Quality of Dialogue:
    The quality varies from stronghold to stronghold and which NPC is running it, but overall it blends in very well with the quality of the game. Certain NPCs however do not seem to fit the Strongholds that are available to them (I'm thinking specifically of Jaheira with the DeArnise Keep).

    Changes in rewards:
    In most cases the xp rewards stay the same, though the NPCs do not always make the best decisions regarding the various quests that you normally receive from the strongholds. There is where glaring difference I can recall. When you return to Athkatla with Imoen and then complete the Planar Sphere quest, when you take possession of it and enter, the Cowled Wizards arrive as per the norm. Before they even get a chance to speak though, Imoen uses her magic to teleport them somewhere else, thus negating the whole quest-line.

    Hope this helps.

  • BeroliBeroli Member Posts: 6
    edited October 2016
    Hi. I'm the mod-maker, so obviously I'm not exactly objective here. I do want to clarify one point from a purely factual standpoint, though, and I can answer one question.

    Imoen tells you, as explicitly as I could make it, that she won't deal with the Cowled Wizards; if Aerie*, Jan*, Nalia*, or Edwin is present, or if the PC is a mage who doesn't have a stronghold already, she'll say that she won't deal with the Cowled Wizards and offer to let the other mage take over the Sphere. She only banishes Teos if you've reaffirmed that you want her to keep the Sphere on that basis, or if no other mage is there, or the others all have strongholds already--in which case you wouldn't get the Sphere at all if she wasn't there. You can disagree with my deciding that Imoen wouldn't deal with the Cowled Wizards, but no one should be being tricked into giving the Sphere to someone who won't deal with them, as long as you're reading the dialogue.

    There is minimal change in reward from what you would get if your PC took all the strongholds your companions take, which obviously means you'll get a significant amount of XP/gold/sometimes items/Haer'Dalis will spend a lot of gold on the play relative to only doing one stronghold's quests.

    *Contingent on these people not already having a different stronghold, for obvious reasons.

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