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BG2:EE Ascension Question

GraypGrayp Member Posts: 15
Hey folks,

I know there are a plethora of threads regarding this... So much so that it has become confusing to keep track of the state of ascension.

What I know so far:
I know that BP ascension was the generally accepted (albeit buggy) way to get ascension for EE; and that @Cuv was working on a version for EE many many moons back until @JediMindTrix took over for a period and created a BETA version based of @Cuv's source (until that very unfortunate event).

What I don't know:
Where to find the new / currently accepted / latest / most stable version of Ascension for EE which works with SCS

If anyone knows where to get the latest version, it would be much appreciated! (I tried searching on to no avail).




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