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Invisibility vs Undead

Hi there,

I wondered if Invisibility is handled differently in SOD compared with the other games. When scouting with a stealthed or invisible rogue in a certain undead heavy dungeon I'd enter a room full of skeletons/weights etc and they'd detect his presence and attack my party - is this correct? No other party members were in visible range and my rogue did not break Invisibility by attacking or anything. Anyone else encountered this?


  • GirewanGirewan Member Posts: 5
    Bonebats see trough the invisibility.
  • fistermoleyfistermoley Member Posts: 5
    Ah, that explains it. Thank you.
  • Grond0Grond0 Member Posts: 7,066
    You will find though that the AI is indeed different in SoD. Thus, once enemies become aware of your presence, they will follow you whether or not you are invisible. This makes it much harder to use the sort of hit and run tactics possible in BGEE.
  • fistermoleyfistermoley Member Posts: 5
    Yeh, I have indeed been finding that - a welcome addition. I also like that archers will attempt to move out of melee range, it means that a flanking melee character has to do a lot more work to get rid of enemy ranged characters.
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