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Solaufein Talk Problem

Since I am new here I don't know whether similar thread was made or not ( If so then I apologise). But, as I said, I have a problem with Solaufein dialogue. I got his talk about childhood, wheather pahere truly hated him or not, sunrise, moonlight talk, some poetry, spider and drow priestess fight and after that he asks me to go outside during night and gets blessed by his godess and... Nothing, he doesn't engage in any dialogue anymore :( I tried progress it with rest, chating and nothing helps. Is it normal? Or is something wrong with my game? ( I've downloaded v103 since I couldn't find v104) Other mods work fine ( mostly npc mods, I also have crossmod banter pack) Has anyone expirienced this problem?


  • Lord_TansheronLord_Tansheron Member Posts: 4,208
    (To make it clear to other readers, this is about the Solaufein Mod, not the default game.)

    As far as I am aware, the mod has not been updated at all for the EE. I used it a few times during early EE without a problem, but there have been many updates in the meantime (including a fairly major one) so it's very possible that the mod simply does not work correctly anymore.

    From what you are describing, it sounds like some variables might be off, preventing the next dialogue triggers. If you have earlier saves, you can use EEKeeper to check the variables, and perhaps extrapolate from that what is supposed to happen, and/or set the variables to an earlier value and try to pick up from there.

    It could be quite difficult to pinpoint the exact nature of the problem :(
  • AnnDarkwaterAnnDarkwater Member Posts: 2
    Damn... Oh, well No Solaufein for me then. It's enough to me that I get constant Sys_error premission denaied with two mods and cannot pinpoint the problem :( Thanks for the reply :)
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