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(TOB) Pause bug after leaving Saradush

JakelJakel Member Posts: 8
Hi all,

We have a new problem.

After defeating Gromnir and leaving Saradush the game pauses every few seconds for both me and the host.
The problem dosen't appear before I join the game. So the host can pocket plain, run around and everything - until I join, then the games starts to pause.

Even if I join after leaving the pocket plain the game will start to pause every few seconds and the host will get a dialog box for a second.

Can any one help please?


  • GallowglassGallowglass Member Posts: 3,356
    Evidently you're talking about a multi-player game.
    Jakel said:

    ... the host will get a dialog box for a second.

    Which says what?

    I wonder if this might be another manifestation of the known issue caused by containers in inventory. Which of you is holding the Bags of Holding, Scroll Cases, etc.?

    Has your host had a similar problem when anyone else joins the game, or is it only when it's you? If the latter, that might localise the issue to your end. Worth testing, I reckon.

  • JakelJakel Member Posts: 8
    The problem seems to be with Neera, when the joiner dosen't have control over her, there is no issue

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