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A proposal: script mule

chimericchimeric Member Posts: 1,163
When a modder wants his actions to run all the time or anywhere, he goes to baldur.bcs. There is no other place to put them. The dplayer#.bcs files are only active if the party AI is on. But baldur can get cluttered if very large mods are installed. What else, or who else, can run scripts always and everywhere? An invisible creature given an otherwise blank OVERRIDE script. All it takes is extending all area scripts so that they spawn this silenced and avatar-less helper somewhere, unless it already Exists.

Modders could then add custom entries to the script of this mule, extending it. Putting actions in a creature script even has some advantages over baldur, which can't run certain actions. But the mule must be a common resource, with a definite filename for CRE and BCS. If every modder spawns his own mule, all running their own scripts, it's going to be rather inconvenient and maybe disruptive, as they click and whir in the background. It's much better to have this one strong back to saddle. So why don't we work out a script extension code here for area scripts and agree on the names? I suggest ---MULE.CRE and ---MULE.BCS, so that they show up on top of the Override folder in NI, and the creature's script name, in case we need it, "mule."

Then we can publish this thing on Spellhold and people can start making use of it and include it in their archives.


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