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Quick questions about mods

Hi, i just have a few questions.

Can a mod have two setup-modname.tp2 in its files?
What's the difference between tp2 and tpa ?
Some mods have their tp2 outside of modname folder, generally the folder isn't even named folder. Is it safe to rename the folder and move the tp2 inside? If no, can some find/replace magic solve that?



  • IsayaIsaya Member, Translator (NDA) Posts: 737
    Here is a tutorial that is likely to answer most of your questions. You'll find a list of possible names for the tp2 file in chapter 13 of the WeiDU readme.
    You typically have one tp2 and multiple tpa/tph files that are included from the tp2 file. Extensions tpa and tph are conventions, you could use another extension as well.

  • GrimLefourbeGrimLefourbe Member Posts: 635
    Thanks, that'll do.

    So if there's a .tp2 outside of its folder and I want to put it in its folder, replacing "oldname/" by "newname/" in the .tp2 wouldn't work since there's also "oldname/" in the .tpa/.tph. That's annoying.

  • GrimLefourbeGrimLefourbe Member Posts: 635
    I know about that, I want to do it with regex but modifying multiple files in a mod might be more than i'm okay with doing without the author's opinion (I mean maybe they wanted these files and weird folder names for a reason though I doubt it!).

    While standardizing every mod would be doable, I'm not sure it's a very good idea to force it.

  • yowaveyowave Member Posts: 67
    @GrimLefourbe if it's for your own use, who cares?

  • GrimLefourbeGrimLefourbe Member Posts: 635
    It's not only for personal use, that's why i'm trying to find good rules that would work for every mod. That's also why I wanted to know if there's a chance of having 2 identically named tp2s different folders but it looks like the use of .tpa/tph is widespread enough that a setup-modname.tp2 can be considered unique. (for what i've seen anyway)

  • subtledoctorsubtledoctor Member Posts: 11,468
    I believe the name of a .tp2 file, if it's in a mod folder, has to be identical to the name of the folder. And identical to the mod's renamed Weidu executable.

    But if a .tp2 file is not in a mod folder - if it's sitting in the game folder, then (perhaps obviously) that rule doesn't apply.

    Why would you need more than one .tp2 file? If you explain what you're trying to do we might be more able to help find a solution.

  • GrimLefourbeGrimLefourbe Member Posts: 635
    edited December 2016
    I don't know why I would need more than one .tp2 but i'm wondering whether others would need more than 1 tp2.

    I'm trying to extract mods with python but not all mods play well with being extracted and not all mods have their files at the same place. Mods aren't always layered the same way and they don't always come with a version of weidu (some mods play badly enough with extraction that weidu and the .tp2 can be in folders that aren't even in the same branch after being extracted) so i'm looking for a way to find the different pieces of a mod and put them back together in the game folder so it can be installed. I currently list all files in the extracted directory and subdirectories and identify the .tp2, I then try to find the folder through the .tp2. However there are a number of complications so I want to make sure the .tp2 will be unique(if the .tp2 I find isn't in the folder with the rest of the mod's assets it won't work).

    I also check for the backup folder in case it's there as I assume the backup folder would be inside the mod folder all the time.

    I'm thinking that if i'm going to find the different pieces of the mod and put them back together, I might as well clean it up at the same time, plus self contained mods play more nicely together when it comes to not risking overwriting other mod's files.

    The issue is that while I know some about mods, i've never really delved into weidu enough to know how unusual mods can get.

  • yowaveyowave Member Posts: 67
    @GrimLefourbe The backup folder doesn't have to be there all the time, and also you don't have to include it with your mode, it get created when you install the mod and deleted once you uninstall the mod.

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