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Parsing files... Have question(s)

Hi to all. I'm working on parsing files. And right now stunned with CHITIN.KEY Bif Entries offset 0x000a. IESDP says something about "The 16 bits of this field are used individually to mark the location of the relevant file." But I don't understand in clearly. When I parse file with ma program, I get something like this from these two bytes: b'\x01\x00' or b'A\x00' or even b'@\x00' and so on. I can not compare this data with the rest of IESDP notice: "(MSB) xxxx xxxx ABCD EFGH (LSB) Bits marked A to F determine on which CD the file is stored (A = CD6, F = CD1)
Bit G determines if the file is in the \cache directory
Bit H determines if the file is in the \data directory"
There is more than 8 variants of data in this offset...
Please, help to understand...


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