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Adding caster level to the fighter class

ArctodusArctodus Member Posts: 996
I have a little question for you guys. Is it possible to add caster level to the fighter class ?

There's this fighter kit mod I want to play, the duskblade, who can cast some mage spells, but doesn't seem to gain any caster level when leveling up. I asked on this matter in the duskblade thread a few days ago and haven't received any answer. Maybe the creator is not around here anymore, so I decided to ask a more general question to see if I can fix this myself.

I fiddled around with NearInfinity and EEKeeper to no success. I tried to add the effect Spell: Casting Level Modifier [191], both to Charname and to an item he was wearing, but that didn't do anything. Is it one of those hardcoded thing, that fighter can't have caster level, or there is something I can do ? If I have to create an item to make this work, I'm willing to do this, I just need some pointers.

Why not just play a fighter/mage you might think ? Well, even though I've always been attracted to the warrior/caster archetype the most, I just don't like OP build, which the fighter/mage in BG saga definitively is. There's nothing I can do : not attracted to f/m at all. The duskblade seems to strike that balance between being the two : he's a good fighter, though not great, but has SOME magic abilities to make up for it, he's not casting Time Stop to whirlwind things to death while a Planetar is cleaning the rest...

Anyway, any help would be appreciated.


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