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Churchill, Cavalier



  • FinnTheHumanFinnTheHuman Member Posts: 404
    Scratching the back of his neck in reaction to the way in which Jaheria took to Churchill's embrace, finally Khalid cleared his throat. "Ehhrmm. W-well. Its good to see you two patch things up... Perhaps we should be going."

    As they embarked, Khalid nursed an unsteady jealousy. "I like hugs too," he told himself.

  • FinnTheHumanFinnTheHuman Member Posts: 404
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    Khalid, Jaheira, Alora, Dynaheir, and Churchil returned to Durlag's tower the following morning. Down to the cellar they went. Down yet again, further they went into the dungeon.

    Churchill had parted company with Jaheira and Khalid shortly after returning to Nashkel from their restoration of the Naskel mines. On the journey to Durlag's he told Khalid in great detail of his many exploits that led him to the tower. Deeply impressed, Khalid made an excellent audience, wishing to learn of all the battles won. Jaheira remained aloof. Only joining the conversation to press Churchill on the fates of the many companions Churchill had left by the wayside.

    "This Coran, where is he now?" Jaheira would interject, as Churchill was expounding on his friend's amazing ability with a bow.

    "He fell in the Cloakwood mines to a witches spell. Him and Minsk, actually. Heroes. The both of them."

    Jaheira noticed Dynaheir wince as Churchill praised their bravery. She studied Dynaheir closely, but couldn't get any further insight from the woman's stoic expression.

    Dynaheir too, was studying her new companions. The man was a fool, fawning over Churchill like a child with his idol. And the woman? She did not like Jaheira's line of questioning. It made her uneasy, as she too had misgivings about the fates of Churchill's companions. It made her resent Jaheira. She began to see her as controlling shrew who stayed with a man because he did what he was told. Who would want a man so weak?

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  • FinnTheHumanFinnTheHuman Member Posts: 404
    The group made it to Durlag's dungeon without event. Khalid wrinkled his nose at the sight of smouldering bodies opposite the room, but his attention was immediately diverted by the treasure trove that Churchill revealed as he lifted the barrel lid wherein he had stashed the arms and armor of Branwen and Ajantis.

    Passed between Khalid and Jahiera were a series of looks beginning with a twinkling exuberance on Khalid's part, as he revelled in their windfall. When their eyes met, however, a discordance between them was uncovered. Why isn't she smiling? What are you doing, Khalid?

    Her look to the bodies drew his gaze. As their eyes returned to eachother their internal states were again in tune; a somber melody, but in harmony none the less. Khalid had been charmed by the charismatic Cavalier. He had wanted so much to be part of something more that he took to induction into Churchill's group without hesitation. But now his most trusted advisor had returned him home. These gifts were not gifts. And the price of them, to be cast by the wayside in some dungeon, should be refused.

    The final look was a gradual softening of the eyes, a slight tightening of Kahild's lips, a nearly imperceptible bow from Jahiera. They had recommitted to the primacy of eachother. In time, the old tensions would undoubtedly return as Khalid's draw for inclusivity rubbed against Jahiera's natural suspicion of others. For now at least, Jahiera had managed to convince Khalid that they were allied with Churchill and not members of his band.

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