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[Android] Download Failed.....external storage

I've been working and thinking over two days over this.
I have bought a legal copy of Baldurs Gate off the Google Play for my HTC one M8
Whenever i try to download it i get "External Storage Is Full"

What I have tried so far:
- Changing download location to SD card
- Changing factory boot to Clockwork and clearing the cache
- Adding seperate .ext2 partition to my SD card after gaining root access then using Link2SD linked Google Play and Download to said 8gb partition
- Using APK downloader downloaded baludrs gate installer apk then linked it to external SD .ex2 partition and then launched it
- Using rooted Lucky Patcher moved the installer to function as a system file and launch it from root on system boot.
- Flashed the phone then done all of the above all over again

This is how much space I have on each of the partitions:
OS: 536/680 mb (this partition cannot be tempered with)
Apps: 1304mb
External storage 1: 23GB
External storage 2: 6,5GB

Is there a working torrent or something else I could do?


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