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Cleric dual Mage playthrough, PC/Kit build, and NPC party advice

Getting ready to start my first SCS run after multiple playthroughs and looking to do a What if "Amelyssan" playthrough as starts killing the bhaalspawn early starting with sarevok, gets kidnapped by Irenicus, and battles her clone from Irenicus lab in TOB (bit of a stretch?)

Any case was planning to go NE Helm Kit ( masqueraring as LG as she does) and will dual her to Mage at Lvl 11 or 13. Any tips, on rolls as will look to max WIS/INT obviously, proficiency points, mage spells, and also party make up of best NPCs throughout BGEE trilogy for an evil playthrough...also modding so open to any suggestions that would add some flavour to this epic playthrough!


  • billbiscobillbisco Member Posts: 361
    If you're willing to dual at level 13 you might as well dual at level 14 and give yourself Level 7 Cleric Spells.

    18 Wis 18 Int 18 Dex 16 Con. Give yourself as low Str that you can tolerate. As close to 18 Cha as possible. You can wear gauntlets of ogre power / belt of giant str / wield Cromy Faeyr and offset your low natural strength

  • brunardobrunardo Member Posts: 514
    Thanks @billbisco as thinking of dualing her start of BG2 so lvl 14 works and want that lvl 7 spell slot. thinking of crom faeyr but thinking staff of magi might be better.

    Agree with stat rolls and usually keep str at 10 but belt/guantlets can compensate for that...I wont be using PC for combat as will be primary spellcaster and looking at what cleric/mage spell combos to utilize.

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