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Mod compatibility bg2ee post version 2+

keetelkeetel Member Posts: 9
edited February 2017 in General Modding
Hello community! This is my first post! Anyway I have a question to which I have not yet found an answer.

I have Bg2ee+ToB+Black pits 2, bg2ee version 2.136 something.

I recently tried to install a number of mods for my game. These mods are quest mods and overhaul mods like: Ascension, Big pack, Assassinations, Unfinished business, TotDG, BtB, Dungeon crawl, SCS, Bg2 tweaks, and some other mods dealing with romances and banter.

My issue is that I think I followed the instructions for each. I unzipped the files or directed them to my game directory and ran the Weidu..ran the programs to install the mods. As far as I can tell there is very little if any change to the game. I suppose the only change I have noticed this far is two additional weapons (long swords) I suspect came from the rogue rebalancing mod.

Are the mods mentioned in the list for bg2ee compatible mods compatible with the post 2 version game? I gather from another thread that SCS was updated through the big world mod pack, and I have yet to install that one correctly. Thank you for your time.

Edit: Maybe...I installed the base game in the wrong is in C:GoG/Baulder's gate 2. Does that make a difference? Do I need to reinstall it in my Users/games folder? Can I migrate my save games? Lol what a noob I am.

Edit: Found out what the problem was: I Had two copies of BG2ee, and I was trying to mod the gog one, instead of the one installed in the right place.

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  • BillyYankBillyYank Member Posts: 2,769
    There is no right place really. Just make sure you're actually playing the same installation you modded. I usually copy my installations to another folder on my system and mod and play the copy. That way, I always have the original installation to fall back on if my modding messes things up.

  • brunardobrunardo Member Posts: 514
    How would you install them on windows @BillyYank, two separate folders and where?

  • BillyYankBillyYank Member Posts: 2,769
    I just install the game normally, and I copy the entire installation directory to someplace else. For example I have "C:\games\BG-SOD\" and "C:\games\BG-SOD SCS\". Then I go into that folder and right click on "SiegeOfDragonspear.exe" (or "Baldur.exe") and choose "Send to" > "Desktop (Create shortcut)". Change the name of the shortcut to match the installation and you can now mod that game up while your original installation stays clean. Also, if your game gets an automatic update from Steam or GOG, it doesn't mess up your mods.

    You do have to be careful about your save files since all your installations use the same Save directory. I name my saves like: "fighter mage - non" or "paladin - scs" to help keep track of them.

  • brunardobrunardo Member Posts: 514
    Great stuff thank you, I'm planning my first SCS run and several mods like the ones Keetal named above through BWS but if I want a mod thats not part of BWS should I install after or before I start with BWS set up?

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