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Persistant World?

Imo, the ideal videogame for DnD would be a PW of BGii-style of play, in a Forgotten Realms setting. I've been waiting/hoping for this to come along. I try to play my BGii as PW as possible - but eventually you're going to run out of stuff to do unless you want to farm hobgoblins (or similar).

So, barring some sort of massive massive massive BGii expansion, like 'EE plus,' I think the best alternative is to use NWN to re-create the BGii style of play in a PW. Which I guess I am going to do while continuing to play BG/BGii/IWD ee's. Tried doing it with the the BG platform tools, but since I'm used to the NWN toolset, the BG stuff is a pita.

This is not an advertisement for a PW, btw. It will be for personal use. I'm just sayin', how cool would it be if the BG worlds were PW? Even made into a mmorpg PW?


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