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Pocket Plane: Wrong 2nd Challenge Ending?

I just got to the point in TOB where the 2nd pocket plane room opens just after you kill Yaga Shura. When I went in to fight my clone, however, the room was already in its oasis state. When I completed the challenge the room changed into its hellish state. Isn't this supposed to be the opposite for good characters? Likewise, is there any way to correct this using EE Keeper?


  • KuronaKurona Member Posts: 881
    Alignment has no effect on this challenge's outcome. It all boils down to the answers you give to the Solar. If she doesn't like what you say, then it's considered an "evil" choice, even if you're a LG Paladin with 20 reputation.

    It's true of every challenge except the very first one.

    Side note, I don't know for sure what determines the state of the room during the challenge but I think it is static. Even when playing a very evil character I always fought the double in the oasis.

  • AionZAionZ Member Posts: 3,034
    I think what trips most players up on the second challenge is the ambiguous wording on the PC's responses to Solar:
    If there was a debt, then it was Gorion's... and it has been paid.

    There is no debt. Gorion had no choice... and I wouldn't have ended up like Sarevok.
    These two responses result in the evil challenge. Only by accepting that there is a debt do you get the good challenge instead... which I really dislike.

  • ZaukodarZaukodar Member Posts: 7
    Oh. That explains a lot then, I suppose! Guess it says something about my innocence when the not-good answers seem like appropriate ones to me.

    Though in retrospect I wish that the Pocket Plane had a little more utility. The healing in the Oasis was nice, but the rest of it was so...decorative-only?

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