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General Question - Edwin

It's been awhile since this old chicken played Baldur's Gate EE. I noticed that some verbiage about Edwin gaining Larloch's Minor Drain after a battle. I didn't really understand that. He gained a spell from combat? Is that something new for mages, or did I misread it. He already had the spell, so it didn't matter anyway.



  • ThacoBellThacoBell Member Posts: 7,412
    The way npc levels are done is a little different than it used to be. If you are at a high level when they join, they gain exp to match at certain thresholds. But rather than auto levelling them, the game now lets you level them up. At certain exp levels, they are granted the spells the vanilla game would have given them if recruited at a higher level. This only works for first time joining though.

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