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Insane Beastmaster Solo

In yet another attempt to solo no reload, I've decided that the reason I keep failing is that I'm not making it hard enough :) So, rolled up a Beastmaster and whacked the difficulty up to 11. Rolled an impressive 97 for stats, useful just in case I decide for variety's sake to dual to a cleric.

Having a ball so far. I'm trying to roleplay it a little more than I normally would, avoiding harm to animals unless unavoidable. I started with some errand quests to build up levels to cushion myself from having rubbish AC. I was quickly able to buy Aule's Staff and the Greenstone Amulet. With that done, I cleared the path from Candlekeep to the Friendly Arm Inn, down to Beregost, to Nashkel. Highlights so far have been charming a wolf before taking on the belt fetish ogre. My wolf took a hit, so I cured him above myself before finishing off the ogre.

I've been hovering around the level 3-4 mark for awhile as I painstakingly remove the hobgoblins, gibberlings and xvarts from the roads to protect the locals (rather than my usual use of the basilisk area to hoover up experience quickly).

The assassination attempts have been fun - Tarnesh was felled with one blow from Aule's Staff. Karlat received a critical hit that sent him running, but not for long. Neira was a little harder to hit, but also went down having used a charge of the Greenstone Amulet to protect from her spells.

It is a real shame that you can't have an animal companion rather than a familiar as I've enjoyed wandering around with a charmed wolf/bear! The extra HP you get with the Beastmaster is very handy, AC is a problem and I'd love to summon animals earlier than level 8. Other than that, the restrictions, alignment, and name of the kit is actually very conducive to roleplaying a little more than I normally do, which I like!



  • JasperRaithJasperRaith Member Posts: 22
    @Zaghoul thanks for that - that's a great mod, exactly the kind of thing I'd love if I did mod the game! If only the game had that function naturally :(

    Eh well, as a general update - still playing insane without reloading - much of the sword's coast has been swept of bandits and evil, leaving only the animals in place!

    I'm currently about the start the Cloackwood Mines and have reached maximum experience, which does mean I can summon a dire wolf/wild dogs. My favourite fights so far have been Osmadi - I charmed the wild dogs he summoned and one of his cave bears - fantastic stuff! And against the iron throne group outside the cloakwood mines, I charmed a couple of wolves I found in the forest, summoned a dire wolf and went to town on them with my bow.

    Nearly died against Greywolf - he hits really hard on insane! Thankfully my 126 HP just got me through with some running away and snipping. AC is a problem for the beastmaster!

    Stuff still to do: Firewine Bridge, Gullkin, Ulcaster, 2 unnamed areas, Baldurs Gate.
    Durlag's Tower as well as I want the Staff of Striking. My main concern with finishing without reloading is the Duchal Palace fight. I'm figuring that a potion of storm giant strength, potion of invulnerability and a potion of speed would give me the best chance of quickly smashing the doppelgangers. The only other thing I can think of is chucking darts of stunning, bit risky though if they make their saves. Decisions, decisions.
    I think I'll probably skip the ship wrecked quest through the absence of a silver weapon.

  • Grond0Grond0 Member Posts: 4,037
    Don't forget potions of mind focusing for the palace and there's also a cleric scroll at Ulgoth's Beard that can be useful there. I think arrows of dispelling to slow down the attackers would also probably be a good option for you there. Best of luck.

  • JasperRaithJasperRaith Member Posts: 22
    @Grond0 good call - yes I had forgotten about these - the whole reason I put 2 pips into shortbows was for the arrows of dispelling and I forgot! Ha!

    Sadly, my attempt to go through no reload came to end last night in Durlag's Tower when walking through a doorway, I was held just in sight of a! I'd be the first to admit my metagame knowledge let me down here as I usually only grab the tome in the tower before high-tailing it to BG2. An ignominious end to my poor beastmaster.

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