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Modding Questions And Multiple Romances

ArkaelArkael Member Posts: 1
Hey guys, I am sort of new to modding video games on Pc. I have done some using Nexus Mod Manager for Dragon Age Origins and am kind of lost when it comes to modding all of my baldurs gate titles. I am currently playing through the second one using my party from SoD and because I am dealing with time constraints I am wanting to do all the romances possible for my PC at once. I wasn't having any issues for awhile till the first of my companions hit lvl two on the romances level. Prior to this I was using EEkeeper to keep the variables in check whenever one would shift to level three for whatever reason. Now even after fixing this one of my companions will go to level two while the others shift to level three. Is there any work around for this without modding and if not what do I need to download in order to mod my game and are there any mods to allow for multiple romances?


  • QuickbladeQuickblade Member Posts: 959
    No, not really a fix short of modding. Each NPC has script flag checks that if they hit level 2 (you're an accepted couple), all other romances break off at level 3. Or maybe it's the other way around (Each NPC checking each other romance and if they're at 2, set the given NPC to 3). I can't remember which it is.

    Just trying to do it with EEKeeper you'll never catch up with all the flag switches. You'd need to edit each NPC's script to eliminate those script states. I don't know of any mods that do it that are EE compatible, given all the added romances, and because I settled down with just accepting between Jaheira and Tashia, so I haven't checked the romance situation in BG2EE, but I'm sure someone's done one by now.

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