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Saving Private Nordom. Hiring Vhailor

rede9rede9 Member, Translator (NDA) Posts: 1,769
In the EE, is it possible hire Vhailor without losing someone (likely Nordom)?


  • QueegonQueegon Member Posts: 355
    A resounding no comes to mind because they added no new content. Adding "save nordom" was a tweak by Platter, I think. You will have to ditch somebody in unmodded PS:T:EE. And mods will have to be updated first.

  • BelleSorciereBelleSorciere Member Posts: 1,739
    There's always the option to head there with five characters instead of six. You don't have to ditch anyone that way.

  • QueegonQueegon Member Posts: 355
    edited April 2017
    @BelleSorciere Playing a 3rd of the game without a richly written companion seems like a waste though.

    Anyway what do you gain by doing that?

    Unless you use trainers, Vhailor will be like 4-5 levels below yours at that point, especially with just 5 companions. And if you take Vhailor you can be sure to never look back at the 6th potential companion anyway because you are, again, miles ahead. No level scaling hurts your chilling out NPCs.


    What I ever did in those many playthroughs was:
    a) Let Vhailor sit this one out effectively writing his content ouf of the game (yep, poor decision on dev part putting him that far in the story. And as a mage TNO those 4-5 level lower.)
    b) Let Grace sit in his place (no harm done as healing, while helpful, is not necessary thanks to the ubiquity of health charms and no cooldown in using them + she is otherwise useless in combat + you got most of her content during Sigil part).
    c) Let Nordom teleport to Mechanus with the aforementioned tweak and take him back when back in Sigil effectively writing part of Vhailor's content ouf of the game.

  • BelleSorciereBelleSorciere Member Posts: 1,739
    If you want Vhailor and don't want to abandon another party member (usually Nordom) then you need to do that part of the game with five characters, or you need a mod that lets you send the sixth party member home. Those are basically your existing options. That's all I was saying.

    And what you gain by doing that is having access to all of the NPCs instead of all but one of the NPCs in the later game.

  • SkanksSkanks Member Posts: 16
    I just leave Ignus behind every time. I think he is a jackass anyway :D

    That way there is always room

  • ElysianEchoesElysianEchoes Member Posts: 140
    Can't have everything? Bugger it, go solo! Reach level 38 or something! (No, I don't know if you actually can or not . . . )

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