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Many-as-One: Have I forgotten?

GallengerGallenger Member Posts: 404
edited April 2017 in Troubleshooting
Ok, so first things first this is ULTRA spoilery and you will gain nothing if you don't know about this already so turn back now.

But for added protection I'll spoiler the whole thing lol.

[Spoiler]So, I seem to recall in the past, if I insulted many-as-one or refused to work for them, then I would be swarmed by masses of cranium rats, and would have to fight off several waves of them and many as one, until such a time as they chose to surrender to me. However, when I was doing this in EE today, it is simply a fight with many-as-one and it appears to be invincible. Every time I strike it with a weapon (magical or otherwise) I just get a notification of magic resistance, and no waves of cranium rats at all. My difficulty slider is 1/2 way. Am I misremembering things or has something changed? Was that a modded behavior? I'm confused. Perhaps it's a steam error. Kinda bummed I can't just take it out it seems anymore :( I like the undead! lol[/spoiler]



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