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SCS and Party selection

Hey folks--I realize many similar questions are asked regularly, but I'd like opinions of the viability of this endeavor.

I'm currently in the later stages of my first run-through of the EE format (played the original years ago, many times) with a good based party (char name is a shaman) at core difficulty, and things are a bit dull. So, I'd like to spice it up and give SCS a try. However, I'd also like to incorporate several NPCs I've never really used before, specifically Alora, Tiax, Xzar, and maybe Montaron. Planning on Charname being a Dwarven Defender, but I'm not picky.

My question--is it necessary to have a very well-thought out, "power gaming" party with SCS? Or will something more like a "all bases covered...more or less" work without me smashing things?

Any advice would be fantastic, thanks!



  • dockaboomskidockaboomski Member Posts: 440
    It's only really necessary to plan your party so intensely if you are playing a no-reload run. Otherwise, your party can be kind of whatever you want, although better NPCs will still outperform others. SCS doesn't make the game unplayable if you aren't powergaming, although it makes it significantly harder regardless.

  • Mantis37Mantis37 Member Posts: 1,140
    For BG1 not so much, but depending on the mods you are using you will probably need a way to deal with heavily buffed mages in BG2. The most obvious way is to include one or two party members who can use high level arcane spells, and others who can counter the most common disablers.

  • UnderstandMouseMagicUnderstandMouseMagic Member Posts: 2,147
    SCS is great and I think one of the strengths people point out is that it plays fair.

    What I would suggest is you up the difficulty now on your current run, core does get (imo) overtaken as your party nears the end and gets powerful.

    I'd also suggest the NPC project, nothing to do with difficulty, just makes BG come alive.

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