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My first no reload run - Summary

This may give you a laugh.

I made a CN human shadowdancer. Did the whole candlekeep thing. Got Imoen. Went to next area over skipping Monty and Xzar. Imoen died to a wolf on the way to Friendly Arm Inn. Ran around feared while the guards killed that mage dude. Picked up Jaheira and Khalid. Made my way south towards beregost. Lost Jaheira to an ogre. Reached Beregost. Picked up Neera. Went back to area to get Monty and Xzar. Lost Xzar to the spiders west of Feldpost Inn. Picked up Kagain. Tried to make my way south to Nashkel. Lost Monty to an orgrillan. Ran across some Amnish soldiers that thought I was a bandit. Told them to arrest us. They attacked us. Lost Kagain after managing to kill one of the three. Neera distracted the last two while I drank a potion of invis and ran away. Lost Neera. Limped back to Beregost with 2 hp left.

I think I lost xD



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