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Trouble with Simonetta Twoedge's quest

MoribunnyMoribunny Member Posts: 21
edited May 2017 in Troubleshooting
It went alright in my last playthrough, but no such luck this time. I've talked to literally everyone in the camp (except the golem and the nazramu) including Halasan, Belegram, Dosia after her quest.. I notice that most of them (who are supposed to oblige) seem to give excuses ("I don't have time for this") and Simonetta doesn't finish the quest, sending me to talk to more. I did use a character with 18 charisma, so I doubt that's the problem. Is there a global variable I can set to fix this?

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  • MoribunnyMoribunny Member Posts: 21
    Alright, I figured it out. Your main charname actually must be the one with a high charisma. I had to load an old game, had him put on Algernon's Cloak and a charismatic hat and quaff a potion of persuasiveness to boost his cha from 10 to 17, and then they spoke to me.

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