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Awesome PS:T fan art

inethineth Member Posts: 613
Unfortunately there's not a lot of official concept art and promotional art for Planescape: Torment (original or EE).
Luckily, there's some very nice fan art out there to make up for it.

Feel free to post any PS:T related fan art in this thread – be it art that you made yourself, or art that you found online and liked.
In the latter case, please cite the artist and link to the artwork's "official" webpage if it has one (Google Reverse Image Search and TinyEye can help)... It's not only common courtesy to give credit to creators, it also helps readers who want to find out more about an artwork or browse other art by the same artist etc.

Here are some that I found online, and deemed worth showcasing:

"At the Smoldering Corpse Bar" by Deusuum [Alex]

"Planescape Torment" by Maik Beiersdorf

"Sigil" by Samize

"Torment fanart" by Chinasky66

"Fall From Grace" by eilidh [Eleni Tsami]

"Dak'kon" by Grosnus [Michał Sobejko] (Author's deviantart page is offline... :()

"Annah of The Shadows" by Grosnus [Michał Sobejko]

"Annah (fan-art/redesign)" by deadred-art [Michele Chang]

"lady of pain" by breath-art [Jian Guo]

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