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Dragonspear UI++ Black Screen Launch Issue

UnionhackUnionhack Member Posts: 27
edited June 2017 in UI Modding
I'm posting in here as well as in the mod topic just in case someone online ATM has had the same problem. It's infuriating and I've been wrestling the UI for a while now.

I installed Dragonspear UI++ to great success and opened up the game (which is more than could be done with my previous attempt at a UI mod; LeUI; that just didn't let me launch the game at all). It offered me tutorials and all that and then presented options. I clicked 'left side menu' just for experimentation's sake, and when I did this the screen went black. Now no matter how many times I uninstall or change the option in the baldur.lua, the screen launches to total blackness with Dragonspear UI++ installed. It was obviously working before so I have no clue what's going on.

I should point out that the intro credits and cutscenes work fine. It cuts then to a black screen instead of the main menu. I can see the game cursor and when I alt+f4 it brings up a ui-appropriate dialog box about Boo missing me, but besides that there is absolutely nothing I can do with the black screen issue.

I have google searched high and low for similar problems. Nothing helps. For all I can tell this problem is unique to me, which I find very, very hard to believe.

I really don't want to go back to the default SoD UI, I think it's clunky and requires WAY too much unnecessary clicking. Please help me, I'm absolutely at my wit's end here trying to mod this game with SoD in the way.

EDIT: I managed to roll back to a 'first launch' mode which brought up the tutorial again. I bypassed the options BS and went straight towards trying to play the game. Black screen, no options. Get me out of this hellhole.


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