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AionZAionZ Member Posts: 3,173
edited June 2017 in General Modding
It's a monk that can backstab. Probably overpowered. Minimal balancing.

I got really bored and had this weird idea to make a monk that plays more like a thief than a fighter, and the result was this odd shadowdancer/monk/assassin hybrid kit. Why it gets Magic Missile and life drain? Because, uh, it's cool, I guess.

This kit heavily encourages hit and run, since you have pathetic hit points and will basically die whenever attacked. I had no basis on making this kit, just the idea to make a backstabbing monk. It is insanely fun when it starts to pick up steam starting at level 4 and hopefully plays differently enough to a regular monk.

Download link here:

SHADOW MONK: Little is known about the secretive order of shadow monks, other than the fact that they draw upon the power of the Shadow Plane to wield dark ki. They are masterful assassins, manipulating powerful illusions to their advantage and skilled at striking from the shadows, but their ritualistic training has taken a toll on their physical stamina.

- +1 bonus to Dexterity.
- Gains infravision.
- 20% to Move Silently and Hide in Shadows.
- Each (melee) attack deals one extra point of magic damage and heals the shadow monk.
- May use the Shadow Missile ability once per day. Gains one use at level 1 and an additional use every 6 levels thereafter.

SHADOW MISSILE: The shadow monk launches a missile of energy that unerringly strikes the target for 1d4+1 damage for every 2 levels to a maximum of 5d4+5 damage at level 9.

- Level 4: Backstab multiplier of x2.
- Level 5: May cast Shadowstep once per day. Gains an additional use every 5 levels thereafter.

SHADOWSTEP: Step into the Shadow Plane and move for 7 seconds while others are frozen in time. The shadow monk cannot attack or use spells while in the Shadow Plane.

- Level 6: May use the Dark Mirage ability once per day. Gains an additional use every 10 levels thereafter.

DARK MIRAGE: The shadow monk creates a distorted illusion around his body, gaining the effects of the wizard spells Blur and Mirror Image for 5 rounds.

- Level 11: Backstab multiplier of x3.
- Level 10: May cast Shadow Walk at will (still limited to one cast per round).

SHADOW WALK: This spell transports the caster to any place within visual range.

- Level 15: May use the Draining Blow ability once per day.

DRAINING BLOW: All successful attacks within the next round force the victim to Save vs. Death or lose 1 level permanently. This special ability automatically modifies normal attacks; no targeting needs to be done.

- Level 16: May cast Shadow Door twice per day.
- Level 18: Backstab multiplier of x4.

- Hit Die: d6
- -2 penalty to Strength.
- -4 penalty to Constitution.
- Alignment restricted to non-lawful and non-good.
- Uses the shadowdancer high level abilities table, with the exception of Use Any Item.
- May not use the Lay On Hands ability.
- May not use the Stunning Blow ability.
- May not use the Quivering Palm ability.

HLA (replaces Use Any Item)

One With Shadows
The shadow monk's training has allowed him to become a being of both the Prime Material Plane and the Shadow Plane, giving 20% resistance to physical damage, +2 bonus to all saves, -2 bonus to armor class and immunity to Imprisonment and Time Stop.

Ability usage:

Shadowstep & Shadow Walk: Basically used for the same purposes. Backstab, leave vision range, hide, backstab again. If hide in plain sight wasn't hard coded I'd have used that instead of Shadow Walk but... eh.

Dark Mirage: This is probably overkill and completely overshadows the Dark Moon Monk, but I love the ability. It is so useful considering how easily you go squish without some defense.

Draining Blow: Kinda sucky compared to Quivering Blow since it only lasts one round so you'll drain maybe 3-5 levels at most, but I guess the kit doesn't need to be any stronger.

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