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Samurai kit...

GoatBoySteveGoatBoySteve Member Posts: 50
I was reading a few ideas on the topic and found something I liked. It was focused on dual-wielding one katana and one wakizashi. It said was as long as they were using these two weapons together they were treated as if they had the Two-Weapon Fighting feat. I know there are no feats in the BG series, but would there be a way to make a class where so long as they used a katana and wakizashi they would effectively have the benefit of 3 pips in two weapon style? Also, later they get Greater Two-Weapon Fighting feat, is it possible to add a second offhand attack?

This was the page:


  • subtledoctorsubtledoctor Member Posts: 11,467
    edited June 2017
    Sure... but I think it need a spell state or dummy stat.

    You would
    1) find the kitlist number of the new kit;
    2) edit all items;
    3) discriminate by katanas/wakizashi;
    4) patch them with a 177 effect targeting the new kit;
    5) the 177 .eff will use opcode 233 to increase an unused stat proficiency by x (for katanas) Or by y (for wakizashi);
    6) katana and wakizashis will have a running check using opcode 326 that sets two-weapon fighting to (***) whenever the wielder has x + y pips in the dummy stat.

    Step 6) is a bit complicated.

    Much easier: give the kit 2 pips in TWF automatically, like rangers, and simply let the kit advance much further with latanas/wakizashi that with other weapons.

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  • GoatBoySteveGoatBoySteve Member Posts: 50
    I had thought about the "Much Easier" route too and it'd fit with how the enacted so many other aspects (like having Haer'Dalis have two pips in short sword instead of one pip and a +1 to hit +2 to damage with all bladed weapons). But how can I do that knowing now what you have told me? And the extra offhand attack, can that be done in a similar fashion like if wielder has x + y > extra attack with y?

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