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Bug in Korkorran's Tomb (iOS)

Not sure where else to post this, as it seems the bugs forum has been archived. I'm having a game-breaking bug in Korkorran's Tomb. When I get to the decoy lich with Phreya, I kill both of them, but the lich stays alive and can't be killed. Hexxat has the "I can't use the casque" dialogue when spoken to, and Neera keeps trying to talk to me and Hexxat, but only uses her standard "Yes?" and "Hmm" selection dialogue. The door to the real lich doesn't open. I can't leave the tomb since Pocket Plane is disabled, and I can't fix the bug using the suggested ways because I'm on iOS. I'd like to continue my game without jailbreaking my iPad and messing with that. Does anyone have a fix?


  • ArunsunArunsun Member Posts: 1,581
    This is a known bug that was fixed with the later versions of the game but unfortunately these are not yet on iOS. The only in-game solution that I know of is casting imprisonment on the Lich, whether with one of your own mage or with an evil cleric (typically Viconia) that would use turn undead to control the lich, and having the lich cast the spell on itself. This should bypass the dialogs and open the door. Be careful that you should get Hexxat's cloak back at this point, but sometimes that is buggy too and you don't get it back as you should.

  • Friendly_NerdFriendly_Nerd Member Posts: 5
    @Arunsun fucking fantastic. Thank you so much, man. I really didn't want to restart and Hexxat's questline is very interesting. Have a good day! :)

  • JidokwonJidokwon Member Posts: 311
    I only hope that it would work, but if console codes work for iOS games try CTRL+Y upon the Lich before restarting entirely?

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