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Soundset Help

I don't really have the right mic and stuff to make a good soundset right now, but I need to know the complete sound effects list so I can make a script for myself and read it later. Please help. Not only am I interested in fitting my CHARNAMES with custom soundsets, but I am in the writing phase of what I hope will eventually become an NPC Mod.


  • islandkingislandking Member Posts: 426
    XXXXXXXa.wav : Battle Cry
    XXXXXXXb.wav : Becoming Leader
    XXXXXXXc.wav : Tired
    XXXXXXXd.wav : Bored
    XXXXXXXe.wav : Badly Wounded
    XXXXXXXf.wav : Selected 1
    XXXXXXXg.wav : Selected 2
    XXXXXXXh.wav : Selected 3
    XXXXXXXi.wav : Action Acknowledgement 1
    XXXXXXXj.wav : Action Acknowledgement 2
    XXXXXXXk.wav : Action Acknowledgement 3
    XXXXXXXl.wav : Being Hit
    XXXXXXXm.wav : Dying
    XXXXXXXn.wav : In Forest
    XXXXXXXo.wav : In City
    XXXXXXXp.wav : In Dungeon
    XXXXXXXq.wav : Daytime
    XXXXXXXr.wav : Nighttime
    XXXXXXXs.wav : Rare Selected 1
    XXXXXXXt.wav : Rare Selected 2
    XXXXXXXu.wav : Rare Selected 3
    XXXXXXXv.wav : Rare Selected 4
    XXXXXXXw.wav : Reaction to Party Member Death

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