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The Plan B Squad

I thought about doing a playthrough with all NPCs that get relatively little play. The useless and the underrated any ideas?

And what character to play if I do?

No Modded NPCs please.


  • WrathofreccaWrathofrecca Member Posts: 98
    edited July 2017
    Jan, Neera, Haer'dalis, Aerie, Cernd. Good luck. Props for insane or higher!

    Edit: And play a thief or bard :>

  • tbone1tbone1 Member Posts: 1,996
    For BG1: Tiax, Quayle, Skie, Eldoth, Faldorn. And you'd better play a warrior of some sort ...

  • WrathofreccaWrathofrecca Member Posts: 98
    I bet a dragon disciple in bg1 could wreck warriors. You'd just end the game with a stupid number of days from resting so much.

  • ZaramMaldovarZaramMaldovar Member Posts: 2,251
    edited July 2017
    I don't think Neera is useless and I'm unsure if she is underated. Jan is the one of the most popular NPCs so he certainly isn't underrated.

    I'm more concerned about BG1 though.

    My favorite CHARNAME is a Dragon Disciple, but I always used my favorite NPCS with him.

  • Papa_LouPapa_Lou Member Posts: 264

    Jan, Neera, Haer'dalis, Aerie, Cernd. Good luck. Props for insane or higher!

    Edit: And play a thief or bard :>

    I'd definitely disagree that Neera and Jan are useless or underrated. Both are very great characters, both gameplay-wise and personality-wise. Of course, the latter is subjective.

    For Baldur's Gate 1, I think the characters you'd be looking at are Tiax, Quayle, Garrick, Faldorn, Eldoth, Skie, and perhaps Xan. They can all be viable characters in their own right, but I don't really hear of people using them a whole lot.

    That in mind, I'd definitely reccomend taking advantage of a couple mods (though I can't remember which ones. A simple google search will help) that move the location of these NPCs so you can access them earlier. I know in my games, Tiax is in Beregost, Quayle in the Nashkel carnival, and Eldoth on the same map as Elminster's first appearance. They're all levelled appropriately, so it's not like they're too powerful for that part of the game. It flows together quite nicely, and gives you the chance to experience these great characters earlier in the game.

  • KilivitzKilivitz Member Posts: 1,459
    It's hard to gauge exactly which are the least popular NPCs, but I'm willing to bet that in BG1, the list included Quayle, Eldoth, Skie and Tiax. At least these are the ones I almost never hear people singing their praises.

    BG2 is a different story: since there are way less NPC options, I don't think there are any that are mostly shunned by people, expect maybe for Cernd, since 1) Druids are far from the most popular class 2) the Shapeshifter kit is not exactly great and 3) his bland, deadbeat dad personality doesn't help much.

    Maybe as an alternative you could do a run with a custom group made of the least popular kits and schools of magic. I don't see a lot of people here talking about using, for example, Wizard Slayers, Avengers, Transmuters/Abjurers/Diviners and Beastmasters. These seem to cover all bases except for the Thief, because all Thief Kits seem to be popular, even the Shadowdancer.

  • PokotaPokota Member Posts: 826
    Bear in mind that BG1 has a handful of NPCs that, outside of modding, can not be obtained before uncorking the Cloakwood Mines. This would skew the average use against them.

    For BG2, definitely Cernd. I'm not sure who else, but definitely Cernd.

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