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Epic/High Level Abilites With Multi/Duel Class Characters

Ok, so, I know that if you are a say, Multi-Class Fighter/Mage, when you hit enough experience, you will trigger the ability to gain Epic/High Level abilities for BOTH the Mage and the Fighter Classes. But, I think I remember that if you go Fighter and then Duel Class into a Mage, when you hit the point needed to gain the Epic/High Level Abilities, you will only be able to gain them for the Mage, due to something like that is the only class you are actually currently gaining experience in. Is that right/true? Thanks for any answers, and bye for now.


  • BorekBorek Member Posts: 513
    Yes, dual class characters will only gain HLA's when they are over 3m Experience in a class and only for the class that levels. You can get HLA's for the 1st class if you break 3m XP with that class, but when you dual class the 2nd class does not gain HLA's until THAT class also breaks 3m XP. However, if you unlock HLA's with class A, when you dual to Class B you can still use the HLA's from Class A as long as they are triggered via the special abilities menu. Example you level to 39 as a Kensai and have multiple fighter HLA's, then dual to a Mage, the Mage can use all your fighter HLA's regardless of the mage level. Level 1 mage with hardiness, Greater Whirlwinds etc etc, quite amusing :wink:

  • deathgeonousdeathgeonous Member Posts: 60
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