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Dual Classing and Weapon Specialization (dual wield)

ahhyepahhyep Member Posts: 114
I am going to be doing a berserker to mage dual class (not sure if at 9 or 13) and wanted to see what the opinion was. Going to mainhand Bastard Swords and Offhand Belm into Crom.

5 pips into bastard sword, 2 into dual weapon. I don't really need the third into dual weapon, but that got me thinking. Do I need to put points into war hammer? It's only hitting 1 time per round. What would you do with the extra points?


  • JarrakulJarrakul Member Posts: 2,029
    First, I don't know if you just want bastard swords for whatever reason, but Crom Feayr does about as much damage as Foebane even before considering its strength increase, so you might consider it for a main-hand.

    Second, if you want to keep with the bastard sword/warhammer combo, I'm not sure what else you'd put the points into. It'd be nice to have some points in a ranged weapon (probably dagger if you're starting in BG2), but you'd want those earlier rather than later, and I don't know how much you'd want to delay your build.

  • ahhyepahhyep Member Posts: 114
    Usually for my Fighter Mage Thieves I put Crom in the Mainhand and Scarlet Ninja-to in the offhand for Insane APR. I don't like having a +2 weapon in TOB so I would forgoe the 2 extra attacks per round (think I can get to 9 apr if i dual at 13 anyways) and have foebane in the mainhand for the leech with Crom in the Offhand. 25 str is a must :)

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