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[MOD} Several BGEE/SOD BG2EE/TOB Leveling Progress Bar tweaks



  • AncientCowboyAncientCowboy Member Posts: 199

    I've created a new version of Leveling Progress Bar Tweaks that provides the option for the 'alternate portrait display' to position the portrait (and optional combat stats) above the individual class progress bars - as below:

    This feature is enabled by setting the 'Progress Bar','Bars on Bottom' profile string in Baldur.lua to '1' - or by using the updated Mod Options/Progress Bar Options Mods.

    The new code is part of EEUITweaks. For those who prefer to configure the mod by editing Baldur.lua rather than using Mods Options; I have updated the zipped text file documenting the settings in the original post for this discussion.


  • AncientCowboyAncientCowboy Member Posts: 199

    Version 2.6 of EEUITweaks features support for special versions of Leveling Progress Bars Tweaks and Leveling Progress Bars Options on Planescape:Torment Enhanced Edition.

    As the PST:EE Statistics screen does not have a leveling progress bar to 'tweak', and the portrait area is an inconvenient shape (deliberate understatement :smile:) for displaying class-specific progress bars; I chose to go a different route. When you hover the cursor over the Class Name(s) above the portrait, the class specific progress bar(s) and (optional) combat stats will appear in the Information panel on the right hand side of the screen - as shown below:

    As most of the options supported by the BG versions of this mod are irrelevant to PST:EE, the Leveling Progress Bars Options plug-in to Mods Options is appropriately simplified. The Baldur.lua entries it manipulates are the same as for the BG versions of the mod.


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