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Wizard Slayers

MrTea1976MrTea1976 Member Posts: 20
Is it just me, or does anyone else give bling to their wizard slayers? I find that in my current playthrough (I'll be dualling to thief during SoD), my CHARNAME has a taste for the finer shiny things. He's wearing a fire opal ring, a flamedance ring and a particularly fetching Laeral's Tear necklace.

In fact this love of fine jewellery will be the driving force behind turning into a thief later on......



  • AerakarAerakar Member Posts: 674
    I like the RP! Finding all of these gems and rings sparks his inner greed, which becomes an obsession with finding more and more of them, which then leads to picking-up thief skills and finally taking the full plunge to becoming a full-fledged skulking scofflaw (with really developed weapon skills for when things go south, which they always do)!

  • ZaghoulZaghoul Member, Moderator Posts: 4,132
    My most recent run as an ogre wizard slayer I did. I mean why not? Seemed like ogres like that sort of thing, esp. the tough ol ogre Larze. I've pickpocketed almost half dozen rings off him before. Others wear alot as well, Arghh, Ughh & Gorf. It worked out esp. well when I got his intelligence above 8 and he learned to read (from Dr.Seuss's INT book; lots o pictures ya see). He got to wear the Ring of Scholars after returning to CK I saw it as a graduation present, only one he could wear as a WS, hehheh). B)

    Sounds like a good lead into the class that specializes in the 'five-finger discount plan'.
    Speaking of a few pickpockets around the land of BG (not MY rogues of course), I've always thought carrying a bag of devouring as a belt pouch would discourage a few, least after the first attempt. ;)

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