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Most Powerful 4 Man Groups

ZagaciousZagacious Member Posts: 63
I think I've come close to having one of the most powerful 4 man groups in BG EE

Half Orc Beserker/Cleric using Flails,Maces,Slings, and Shields
Elf Fighter/Assassin using Long Bows and Long Swords
Gnome Skald using Chainmail when not casting, Buckler for now switch to Crossbow and Scimitar later
Elf Sorceress using Darts and Throwing Daggers

The range and magic is enough to interupt any mages, and Beserker/Cleric is really strong as the front line. Dwarf would probably be stronger in BG 2 but half orc is more fun for me

How powerful would you rate this for BG and BG2?

What are some of your favorite or most powerful 4 man groups?


  • chimaerachimaera Member Posts: 958
    BG1: anyone who is good at using bows, really

    BG2: f/i, Jaheira or Anomen, Aerie and Jan Jansen. If you can survive the dialogues, that is. But you know - whatever doesn't kill you...

  • profanitywarningprofanitywarning Member Posts: 292
    Looks pretty pwerful to me.
    Here's what I use for initial scouting of the BG games/expansions:

    Elf FMT using longbow and quarterstaff
    Half-Orc CR using flails, bastard swords and shields (with druid spells and ranger weapons tweaks)
    Half-Orc CR using flails, bastard swords and shields (with druid spells and ranger weapons tweaks)
    Imoen using short bows, short swords and buckler (all skill points in pick pockets)

    This party can easily deal with absolutely everything the games throw at you. If you want it to be even stronger, take a bard in stead of Imoen. I used the archer woman in SOD, and that worked out quite well too, though I didn't really like her lawful goodbye.

  • ChnapyChnapy Member Posts: 360
    I don't think you can make multiclassed characters with kits, can you (not counting illusionist gnomes ofc)?

    I suppose you could use keeper to add the kits but if you're keepering your characters you can probably do better than that in terms of power =D

  • ThacoBellThacoBell Member Posts: 10,061
    My vote would be:
    1. Any Bard
    2. Sorceror
    3. Cleric/FIghter
    4. Thief/Fighter

  • GrumGrum Member, Mobile Tester Posts: 2,099
    1. Dwarven Defender
    2. Yeslick (big fisted belt, Dex gauntlets)
    3. Coran (archer thief)
    4. Baeloth (Sorceror)

    End up with 2 dwarves (tank front lines and heal) and 2 elves (stealth/bows and arcane power)

  • jsavingjsaving Member Posts: 689
    Dsimpson and Haeveron regard FMs and FMTs as the game's strongest characters and I think they're right in that assessment. This is often counterintuitive to people who haven't tried those mixes because you can't get time stop (or in the case of FM get it late) and can't wear armor, but mage buffs have such great synergies with fighters that the deficiencies are more than offset by the advantages.

    Other very strong characters are cleric/rangers (though less so now that they get fewer druid spells), half-orc fighter/thieves or fighter/clerics, inquisitors, and as others have mentioned sorcerers and bards. You won't go wrong picking any of them.

    There are also a couple of joinable NPCs that are worth mentioning because of the special features they have. Jaheira, for example, can not only wear heavy armor (which only FDs can do) but is also able to cast some cleric-only spells like raise dead and zone of sweet air, making her the most versatile druid character in the game. And Edwin gets, essentially, the spells per day of a sorcerer while being able to access the much broader spellbook of a mage, making him the best arcane caster in the game (if you can put up with what some regard as his grating personality).

  • malachi151malachi151 Member Posts: 152
    Well, if you are just making your own group like this then the most powerful group in BG1 would just be 3 Berzerkers and a Fighter Thief.

  • malachi151malachi151 Member Posts: 152
    Actually if you are just putting together your own group it would probably be (BG1):
    Orc Berzerker - Dual War Hammers (Legacy of the Masters)
    Orc Berzerker - Spiderbane (THAC0 +2 gauntlets)
    Gnome Fighter/Thief - Quarterstaff & Dead Shot (Dale's Protector)
    Elf Archer - Composite Longbow +1 (Legacy of the Masters)

    (That assumes you aren't getting Drizzit's weapons. If you do that then dualing Scimitars of course).

    I don't think a Skald is worth it in a 4 man group, especially if a Sorcerer is in the party (although Skald + Melf's Minute Meteors can be very powerful).

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