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Intelligence is the underdog stat

I love my wizards. And I love intelligent and educated and well-spoken people. That's why I'm tired of Int getting back-shelved and dissed as some kind of obscure statistic for bookworms. Whatever class requirements you look at, it's Wisdom, Wisdom and more Wisdom. Rangers? Wisdom. Paladins? Wisdom. Psions? Wisdom. And if any new class with a mental attribute makes an appearance, I bet my ass the required statistic is not going to be Intelligence. #neveragain Somehow this intuitive, clever, practical soil-between-my-toes type gets touted as so much superior to the hoity toity college-educated type. What do they know in those colleges anyway! Culture, science, literature... bah. Obviously logic is only good for a programmer's job. It's when you sit at the wheel of a tractor, a baseball cap turned backwards on your head, plowing through a prairie, that you know what life is all about. Or take the sorcerer class - a straight product for those who don't want to learn their craft but would just rather be born with it.

The original AD&D material seemed to have more respect for Int and more use for it. I don't know if this growing anti-intellectual bent is another reflection of the lowest-denominator capitalism or of the fear of offending the dumb demographic.



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