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iphone seems tricky...better for solo?

I downloaded the game for my iphone the other day...I only played maybe a half hour beyond creating my party because I was finding things really tricky on such a small screen. Couldn't seem to find item drops, had trouble clicking on characters, etc. So then I actually got the game for my PC and have been playing that. But now that I've got it on my phone and it's already paid for, I was trying to think of what to do.

Maybe solo would be a good idea? I've always liked the idea of soloing anyway. I pretty much suck at games but soloing, while difficult, actually might simplify a lot. Much less clicking around, for instance.

Just wondering if you guys have any thoughts or tips for this. Maybe even general tips for playing on an iphone as well, to make it less of a headache.


  • bradubradu Member Posts: 18
    Well shucks. I figured I'd dive right in. I decided a fighter/thief/cleric would be the best option for solo, but quickly discovered that doesn't exist. So I went fighter/thief and skipped the cleric aspect. I leveled to about 3/3 very quickly, breezed through the first few levels and thought this might be easy since I don't have to share xp.

    But then I got to vale of shadows. Each cave/dungeon or whatever kicked my ass, I couldn't even get inside and survive the first battle to try to sneak around and pick up new loot or something.

    I've simply died and reloaded for over an hour now without even a hint of hope that I might survive any of those battles. So where do I go? I'm thinking just give up and try the next step which I guess would be a two character party. Maybe try easy mode instead?

  • KenjiKenji Member Posts: 250
    edited October 2017
    Fighter/Thief/Mage might be a better multi-class for soloing. Magic missiles/burning hands will help in clearing many of the skeletons off if you're okay with resting all the time and micro your character's movements to avoid interruption.

    Put all thieving points into traps and lockpicking until 100 before going into detect illusion, stealth, or traps. Since you'll be playing solo, stealing items from NPCs doesn't really help on the long run seeing you won't be able to utilize all the items. Gold won't be a problem either since you're only outfitting one character as opposed to 4-6 characters.

    Fighter class will give you access to all weapons and shields (save for few special items), with spells such as mage armor, shield, mirror image, and blur (provided you can find/purchase these scrolls) you should be able to avoid getting hit. You'll be forced to wear nothing heavier than a robe if you wish to cast spells, though.

    Also, buy and use potions! Potion of (any) giant strength, defense, agility, firebreath, heroism, and etc. are all good choices that can help you tremendously and consistently throughout the game.

    For RP's sake, you can also summon a familiar (use a scroll) and keep it in your backpack. The Spine of the World can be a cold and lonely place, companionship may provide some relief to the dreary north.

  • StummvonBordwehrStummvonBordwehr Member, Mobile Tester Posts: 942
    Not to worry. Playing on an iPhone isnt easy - but it gets better. All you need is practice.

    I have played BG1+2 and Iwd for 15 years. When I switched to iPhone I quickly moved the difficulty slider to easy - and stayed there for a while (I am now trying on the no-reload challange at core/hard). You will be able to do so too, if you want and have the time to practice. I will try giving you my hints.

    1) dont use AI. It doesnt work that well
    2) Autopause. Use it all the time - its tedious, but a must
    3) there is a quick loot button - use it
    4) quicksave often
    5) the first play should be on storymode.
    6) start out with max 4 players
    7) read the walkthrough at gamefaqs (and forget the advice on character creation.

    For a party choose something simple and strong.

    Dwarf fighters and clerics are good. Take 3 of these: dwarven defender/beserkers/barbarians works well as frontliners. Clerics and fighter/clerics, archers work well in the second wave. Bards or fighter/mages last. A thief is an option but not crucial.

    An example: 1) Dwarven defender to soak damage, 2) fighter/cleric (dwarf) to help out and heal/buff, 3) archer for damage dealing from the back and 4) and unkitted bard for all else (knock for opening stuff and song for buffs).

    Try it out and lurk around in the forum. There see many great threads for advice

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