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Scs works with SoD?

Hello folks,
Just a little question: I play with the beamdog SoD + bgee install. I use SCS for bgee with quick defense spells for mages and druids (the first line). Does it apply for SoD mages and Druids? Its the first time I play SoD but mages are hard to beat with a lots of protections... even in core rules!
Thank you


  • the_sexteinthe_sextein Member Posts: 711
    SCS won't cause any problems with SOD but most of SOD's enemy encounters are tuned in by Beamdog so I think SCS doesn't apply to most of SOD. Thief's and mages act differently than they do in BGEE with SCS. SOD's custom AI does utilize many improvements that can be seen in SCS and they put up a good challenge. The AI seems to be balanced with the large number of enemies you face in SOD. So the AI has some similarities and should put up a great challenge but I don't think SCS has any major effect in SOD that I could see. The mages during the siege battle for example, they didn't throw up auto protection though some of them do have spell triggers that are set to "enemy on sight" which accomplishes a similar effect. Depends on how high level the mages are that you are facing as Beamdog's AI is more by the rules and SCS is more simulating pre-buffing which can be controversial as to what is realistic and by the rules depending on who you ask.

  • SouplesseSouplesse Member Posts: 112
    Ok thanks you for this clear answer!
    My inquisitor had some hard times dispelling again and again :)! May be the problème is my lack of meta gaming in comparaison with bg1 and 2!

  • the_sexteinthe_sextein Member Posts: 711
    edited October 2017
    It's possible that you are facing a mage that can cast level 5 spells which are probably more common in SOD since it's for a higher level party. The mage might have a spell shield up that will absorb a magical attack. Maybe throw a spell thrust at him which will be absorbed and then try using your dispel. Also, depending on your SCS settings it's possible that you may have set your dispel level at your level instead of twice your level like the vanilla game uses. This would make your dispel far less likely to take effect on enemies who have a similar level to you or higher casting level than you. While AI seems to be Beamdog's custom AI taking precedence it's possible that your SCS rule changes may still be in effect. I haven't played SOD with a paladin so I have no experience with the effects SCS has on one in SOD yet. Maybe someone else more knowledgeable than me on the subject can give you a more concrete answer regarding SCS rule modification in SOD. I have played through SOD twice with SCS installed but I am so used to fighting enemy spell casters in SCS that I still use those strategies in SOD even if they may not be optimal.

  • SouplesseSouplesse Member Posts: 112
    I love my cheety inquisitor too much for nerfing him :) . Yes, they are buffed with shield, mirror image, stone skin, protection from ranged weapon (sorry litteral Frensh translation), sometimes globe. They cast chaos every times... but that's fair, I like challenge. The drow squad by the way ... very very difficult to beat.

  • ArunsunArunsun Member Posts: 1,581
    Generally all Beamdog-added content features a SCS-level AI, so you won't notice much difference anyway

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