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Stupid Question: What happens to mod items when you go from BGEE/SOD to BG2?

secretfiresecretfire Member Posts: 59
So, I bought SOD some time ago but am only now getting around to playing it. I have BGEE / SOD via the beamdog store, and BG2EE via steam. So I've installed BGEE/SOD, and have it modded out. I've already beaten BGEE, its just been awhile. Plan is to do BGEE, then SOD, then all the way to throne of bhaal.

...juuuuuuuuuust as I finished I noticed there's now a big BGT utility/tool and autoinstaller out there (EET); I'm also unsure I want to bother with it, as it looks uh, big. Big means 'lots of chances for me to screw up what is already working'. I know how to install mods separately for the games, thats trivial. I'm not sure I want to bother with a whole new framework. How necessary it is depends on the below - because I just noticed something.

So, a number of mods for BGEE/SOD say they 'scatter items across the trilogy' (like the Wild Sorcerer mod) and the "Golem Construction" mod. Now, obviously I'd have to install them to BGEE, and later, to BG2EE for this to actually occur. Assuming I REMEMBER TO DO THIS...

When I beat SOD, will items from mods like that stay through? The last time I beat BG, I remember all of my items just vanished into irenicus' dungeon, the same as if I'd just started a new BG2 game. So I'm unsure how this would work for mods like that, or if there's actually a point; since if I have to collect stuff in BGEE, it'll all be gone in BG2EE.

Can anyone give any input on this sort of situation? To be frank, I don't replay the original Baldur's Gate all that often, so I'm not terribly familiar with how that process worked originally, let alone with SOD, which I have not yet played.

Additionally, is it worth my time to uninstall all my mods and then download and spend a week fiddling with this Big World Setup tool, instead?

Sorry for the trouble!

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  • subtledoctorsubtledoctor Member Posts: 11,460
    If you don't combine the games into EET, then you basically just need to have two separate, independent lists of mods to install: one for BGEE/SoD, and one for BG2EE. Some mods work on both games, and you would simply include those mods in both lists.

    As far as taking items with you from one game to another, I wouldn't worry about it. EET behaves just like the vanilla games in that regard AFAIK - it doesn't make substantive in-game changes. So as far as mod items go, there should be little or no difference between EET on the one hand, and BGEE+BG2EE on the other.

    Mod kits are a bigger concern. If you install, say, Divine Remix and play a Feywarden of Corellon, it will have a different spot in kitlist.2da in each game, so when ypunimport that character into BG2 the kit will change. If you play with lots of mod kits, EET makes dealing with this a lot easier.

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