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Help! First LG Playthrough



  • chimaerachimaera Member Posts: 956
    Pantalion said:

    Neutral Evil Drow who doesn't do anything bad through the entire time she's in the party except say mean things, sometimes, a party she specifically travels with to keep her safe after being unjustly and wrongly accused of crimes she didn't commit: Tries to murder.

    Vicky is an evil priestess of Shar, which means she must have at some point committed evil in her name (else her goddess would not grant her powers), and has to continue so, or lose Shar's favor. At this point Keldorn could use the same excuse as your ranger:

    "the end result of that action is definitely a good result by any metric, because every demon you kill reduces the overall level of evil in the multiverse"

    - just replace demon with evil priestess of an evil goddess. By your own metrics, Keldorn has just reduced the overall evil levels in Athkatla, therefore he has done good.

    (btw, I consider Keldorn a failure as a paladin. ;) )

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