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Permanent 1.74 to 1.69 compatibility. The simple solution

If your here, you probably understand the topic. On one side we have Beamdog that wants to update the client in the future which will likely break support for the standard 1.69 version of NWN. On the the other, users for various reasons ranging from OS compatibility issues to SinfarX/NWNX (current) likely being broken going forward.

Beamdog doesn't want to compromise their efforts going forward by insuring 1.69 support.
Others are complaining for their own various respective reasons.

As it stands right now however there is a completely valid solution going forward.
A ) Mavrixio releases his 1.74 "patch" to the public to make it compatible with 1.69 servers if he hasn't already. Or Beamdog provides an official one given the -current- lack of actual changes to the game.
B ) Beamdog provides a permanent "legacy" download option for version 1.74 on both their launcher and through the Steam beta function.

Voila! 1.74 users can connect to 1.69 users. 1.69 gain the benefit of once again having access to the server master list which should already possess the function to state what version of the game the server is running. 1.69 users lose out on any future benefits of 1.7+ or access to any 1.7+ servers which in reality is fair, as they haven't bought the EE edition. But at the same time can continue on using their own self made enhanced versions of the client without dividing the community.

Beamdog gains a easy cost effective means of satisfying that side of the community, as they've already stated they're not against the 1.74-1.69 patch, only that they wont dedicate time or money to it going forward.



  • superfly2000superfly2000 Member Posts: 76
    How will the old NWN be "broken" because they release this?

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