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Rex Hunns diary

MrDamageMrDamage Member Posts: 199
( this is my halforc characters diary from the Thel Dinge campaign on the PW world of Karador a few years ago. Journal begins in a small sleepy port town where he works as a lumberjack. Will add further entries soon)

Entry 74

Spent a few hours today scrubbing down the shack walls. Piggys place is finally off the outside walls, now just gotta work out what I'm gonna do to Fenhorn. Better get some rest, orcs killed my dogs and ox damnit, im gonna have to lug logs myself again untill I can afford the gold and time to go get another ox.

Entry 76

Days take: 85 gp

Today was a surprise. Went to work in the morning as normal, when I came back was stopped by a messenger in town. I still can't believe the message he gave me. I'm supposed to be the son of a Thane thats high up in royal circles and wealthy. Apparently they found me because he died and I was in his will. Gonna have to buy some funeral clothes and travel to Kalamon. At least I don't have any animals that need looking after right now.
(The received message is attached here to the bottom of the entry)

It is with great sorrow that I must inform you that the Thane Zed of Thel Dinge, warlord of the north has passed on. He has recognized you as one of his children and as one of his heirs in his will. His wake will be held at the royal castle in the city of Kalamon with the King himself delivering the Eulogy. The doors will open at 8:00 pm central standard time and The King will speak at 830 pm central time. I look forward to seeing you there to discuss matters of grave importance.

Sir Hugo
Lawyer of The thane of Thel Dinge.

Entry 77

The passage to Kalamon was relatively uneventfull though long and boring. Left me with a lot of time to think about past wounds. All that time I spent years ago trying to find my family with no success. It's typical that years after I'd given up hope, they out of the blue decide to find me. Fate can be a strange beast. Still don't know what to make of that. I was abandoned, not sure if I want to know this Zed that left me on the doorstep of an orphanage. If it wasn't for the promise of some serious coin and maybe some answers, wouldn't even be bothering with it all.

Entry 78

I'm writing this from inside the hull of a ship. An unexpected journey, heading off to the estate of my father. The funeral ceremony was quite a dazzling affair. Lots of rich folk which look like they were wearing more then I make in a year. I couldn't believe it, Buster Fenhorn was there, though I should of realised he would be, this being a state affair to be attended by no less then the king. There was no way that rich little brown nosing prat would of missed that. I wore a hood but he recognised me anyway, mocking me with that piggy insult he loves to use. I really hate that. I ignored him and he started calling one poor woman a half breed and all sorts. That guy is truly in need of a permanent attitude adjustment.
There was an incredibly lifelike statue of father on display beside an urn of his ashes. Although very well made, the statue didn't really do him many favours, he almost looked fearfull rather then strong and commanding. Finally the king arrived to give the eulogy. He looked pretty tired as did the queen. That was unexpected, I thought they would of looked a bit more spry. I couldn't believe it, here was I only feet away from the King and queen, now that is something I had never believed would happen to me, a lowly half-cast. The king spoke of my fathers deeds which were both heroic and impressive. It seems he earned his title as Thane by repelling an army of gnolls led by a white dragon, united under a white banner. By the way the king spoke, it almost seemed as if he had known father personally. Tired now, write more later.

Entry 78, continued.

It was quite strange, the king thought that father had left his fortune to the kingdom, but fathers lawyer, sir Hugo, pointed out and presented documents proving the contrary, father had left it all to us, his children. The king seemed displeased and embarrassed. I now have a bunch of half-brothers and sister which I find quite strange. None of us talk much, though that may change as time goes on. I've managed to get their names though.


We're all nobles now, figure that! Me, a noble ha!. It was almost worth all the gold in Karador just to see Fenhorns face at that moment. All these years since we first crossed paths he has looked down on me and gloated about the fact that he was a noble and I was common trash, and less then that even cause I'm a halfbreed. Then, just like that, I'm a noble just like him. Really really gotta love fate sometimes. He still didn't stop with the piggy thing though, it's ok, I got time to work out later what I'm gonna do about that, now the playing field just evened up. Don't really know that jerks business or what he actually does, but he did threaten to stop shipping to Thel dinge. I'm no merchant type and know little of these things, but even to me that sounds bad, if he wasn't bluffing and actually pulls it off. Wait and see.
Sir Hugo gave each of us a letter which father had written before he died. He spoke of another sibling called Ayak, which he had completely cut out of the will. Hugo seems to think father might of met with foul play. That's disturbing, I find myself realising that if that is the case, it could of been any of my present company, though by the sounds of fathers letter, Ayak does sound like a more likely culpirate if the aquisition of his wealth and title was the goal.
Seems father was good at planning ahead though, he has written in his letter to us that he wants us to form a ruling body and rule Thel dinge together. The idea being after 5 years, the people would vote who would ultimately take rule and become the next Thane. When I was younger and seeking out my family, I read a fair bit about orcs and their clans, curious as to that half of my heritage. If this is going to be anything like what a clan leader has to overcome to become the chief, the future is not looking so rosey any more. Sure I can see that I'm pretty much the biggest one here, but as that books professor pointed out, strengh alone does not give an orc chieften leadership or sustain it. He found that it was a combination of cunning, guile and betrayal, backed by alliances and a strong fist. Sure this isnt an orc clan, but I got a bad feeling the same kind of rules are gonna apply. I can see I'm gonna struggle, practically all of my present company look smarter and wiser then me, the only one which doesn't look like a threat is Yolo the drunken bard, but then again I've yet to see his form when he's sober. Not looking forward to this, I don't like crowds and it's really hard for me to make friends. Usually people hate me for what I am or are just nervous around me cause of my size. The only people that have ever tried to make friends with me are those that need somebody beaten up, or are outcasts themselves seeking strengh in numbers. Accept for Hansen though, he was a true friend, wonder how he's doing as a soldier, maybe one day I'll track him down. I'm thinking the best course of action for me will be to get to this estate, load up on as much gold and stuff as I can, then take off back home before I get a knife in the back.

Entry 82

The past three days have been hell. My plan to make off with a substantial booty has failed before it begun, turns out that there isnt any here. Even if there was, our only means of transport, the ship that brought us here has been burnt to a cinder. We arrived in the middle of the night to our fathers town to find it beseiged by goblins and heavily damaged. The walls had multiple breaches and scores of murderous goblins running free in the streets. The last three days have been spent fighting off goblin bands and repairing the breaches in the walls. Tsaroth the eldest of us has proven to be incredibly usefull. He was able to somehow bring the tree's to life to help us barricade the damaged walls with huge pieces of destroyed buildings. This display of magic was both frightening and amazing. It probably saved days of skirmish and haphazard repair work. I really don't like the thought of what would happen if he turned those tree friends against us. I saw Tyrial use magic to quell some of the fires. I've not seen much magic in my entire life, and beholding him ply his art was quite impressive. He has a head for tactics too I noticed, scouting the perimeter and giving us direction when we were overwhelmed. The others too do quite well in a fight but seemed mostly guarded about their talents. Malekith and Xalarm seem to be hunters, setting traps and things. I'ts been too hectic to observe what the others are capable of, but I shall make it a point to watch them, I need to know what I'm dealing with out here, miles away from home, where the stakes are so very very high and my murder is a real possibility.
We found what was left of the townsfolk held up in a building with the cattle and chickens. Women, children and old folk. All the men by accounts had been taken by an army bearing a white banner. This does not bode well. These people need our help and without it, will surely succumb to the goblin hoards eventually. There is much that needs to be done here and what remains of the townfolk have turned to us in their desperation. Supplies are low and the coffers it seems by sir Hugo's account are empty. Honestly don't know what we are going to do, I brought little food and supplies and had no idea I was going to find myself in this situation after fathers wake. I hope the others have more of a mind for this sort of thing, we're going to need some serious planning.


  • MrDamageMrDamage Member Posts: 199
    edited December 2017

    Entry 85

    Was in the tavern today with my new sister Jibblette, she can really fling arrows that one and that sure as hell comes in handy around here. We were waiting for the others to show up for our first meeting when there was a loud bang outside. We ran outside to see what was going on. There was a young lass in full plate with 2 oxen loaded to the hilt with much needed supplies. Can't say supplies don't just appear out of the blue any more. Seems father was even busier then we all thought, I now have another sister, this girl is a priestess and she claims she got the same letter as the rest of us. Seems Hugo knew she was coming, failed to mention it.

    A little birdy told Tsaroth that there was an undead hoarde approaching the town, what the hell? is there anybody in this god forsaken region that does NOT want us all dead. Gotta say, never seen a dead walker before, though I've heard the tales. Anyhows, they came through the north gate, thankfully they didnt smash up the town and we managed to beat them all into the ground. Horrid work that, lifeless eyes and rotting guts hanging out of them, definately no good for eating. I still reckon if I can get the others to eat goblin meat, we'd have our food shortage nailed. Wonder if I could set up a kitchen away from them and cook these little wretches up and bring the food in already cured. Tell 'em all it's lizard or something, might get us by, too much to do now, save that one for later.

    The towns still in pretty bad shape, but at least it's starting to slowly organise itself. Had our first meeting of the Thanes today. Hugo pointed out to us all just how bad a shape we are really in once we got started. Basically we're flat broke and got nothing that's gonna change that any time soon. Then that little upstart merchant in town showed up. Mr Bigg he calls himself, he's got a massive minotaur beast as a pet and guard, smart little guy, I want one of those. Anyhows, he told us about his sister gone missing after finding some valuable stuff that we could use. He wanted half of the proceeds once we found his sister and this mystery loot, catch was, she was last seen in a haunted keep. Well, I was looking forward to getting beyond the gates to see whats around us anyway. The thing about it was, Bigg said he could get us a trade deal with some Emerald company or something if we do this errand. The little guy had us over a barrel, no choice but to take it on. So off we went.

    Tsaroth stayed behind to look after the town in case any more deaders or goblins showed up and the rest of us hiked it to this keep. The countryside is nice around here, snow capped tree's and stuff, just a shame about the goblins and deaders. Gotta say, we do alright together as a bunch, we made short work of the goblins infesting the area and finally made it to the keep. Something weird, went in and we came accross a locked safe in the keep, nobody could get it open. Tyrial tells as all to stand back and he does some kind of mind bomb on it and it explodes. Nearly killed him though, he dropped like a sack of potatoes after and was weak for the rest of it all. Anna don't like him, she keeps going on about him as the dark one, beats me why. She may be young, but she aint shy about airing her thoughts. She goes on about her books alot, brought a pile with her when she arrived. She's pretty protective of them too. See, then you got Xalarm, quiet sort of guy that just seems to get the job done, takin' down the enemy and such. He reminds me of Jibblette, you could swear those two were related. Yeah, ha, ha.

    Don't know what it is about Yolo, the guy sings a war march that really gets me crackin heads. Man he was sick though during the expedition, shaking and coughing up his lunch, probably didnt realise there wasnt any alcohol where we were headed. He wanted to address our townsfolk, got me beat why. He seems okay though, he may be a drunkard but he still seems to have his wits about him from time to time. I'm just glad I didnt have to carry him.

    We came accross some goblins and these wolf things that they say are called Barghests. They had this howl that went straight through you and made you panic. That was not fun. Working together, we all managed to take them down though eventually. Turns out these things had two prisoners. Elves, snow elves or something. Anna spoke to them for a long time. I had no idea what she was saying to them and i'm standing there thinking, she could be telling them anything. Finally, somebody translates for me and I hear that these two want to kill the hins WE are looking for. Then I start wondering, why the hells are we talking to these two and not taking them out. If Bigg's sister dont come back, our town starves. So I put it out there, letting the others know my thoughts, that we should kill them now. I knew I was gonna get some friction from the young righteous Anna, she aint been around long enough to know how the world works. The others seemed unsure but I wasn't expecting Tyrial to put his foot down. No he says. I know the guys smart enough to realise whats at stake here but he still won't have it. Well I don't know, the others didnt seem too keen about wasting them either, so I tried to negotiate. Im gonna try to do that more cause I reckon its important for doing Thane stuff. Anyhows, I said lets just lock them back up again, problem solved and a great compromise. Next thing you know, the elves are both off like a flash and now we gotta chase them down. That was....annoying. Dark keep, lots of danger, and now we gotta run through it to find these two, before they off our meal ticket.

    Well didnt find them, but we DID find the two dead bodies of Bigg's sister and her companion in another part of the keep. We found them in the keeps old library. There was this ghost librarian guy there, weird stuff. He kept shhshing us and then got angry. For a librarian, he was packing some serious kit. We took him down and got some plate and a powerfull as hell polearm off him. Looks like he had killed Biggs's sister and her companion earlier, our mission looked like it was going to be an epic failure. Those two were dead, deader then my ballet carreer, but then, something Im not real comfortable with happened. Anna took something out and did some worship stuff and magic, and the two came back to life. That aint right, it just aint. They were dead and she used magic to bring them back to life, unnatural, weird. She seems suspicious about Tyriel, I dunno, I'm suspicious about her, she's the one breathing life back into rotting corpses. Who does that? Don't you have to sell your soul for that kind of stuff? Whatever.

    Well, Anna saved the day, now breathing again, the two hin told us all about what was what and this cargo. Turns out it was seeds, magic seeds from the snow elves that can grow in snow. How handy would that be for a near destitute town. So now I was thinking we should keep at least some of these seeds for ourselves, but noooo, Anna, says that we should return the seeds to the snow elves because they were stolen. Elves that wouldnt help us even if we were dying. Well here was another chance for me to practice my negotiation again. I said we should have a meeting in town about what to do about the seeds, instead of just beating on anyone that didnt share my opinion, I think Im getting the hang of this. Everyone was pretty tired by this time anyhow so we all agreed. So the seeds are safely in town here with us and we're gonna have a meeting over them tomorrow. Wonder if anyone would notice if I just took them and put some beans in their place. Probably shouldnt, might not end well.

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  • MrDamageMrDamage Member Posts: 199
    Entry 89

    Well today was pretty interesting, dissapointing, but interesting. I can't believe my siblings voted in favour of letting that little conartist Biggs get a seat on our council, and for no good reason either. For some reason, Biggs reckoned he owned everything we found when we went to find his sister. What a load of crap. Funnily enough though, he did uncover the fact that Anna had stolen some magic books or something. Hah! I knew it, I knew she was one to watch. So much for her high and mighty pioty act, she turned thief first chance she got!. Still though, she did seem quite broken up about it at the meeting and Biggs was playing her like a harp. She was clearly remorsefull, about being caught?, maybe, about having done a sin?, maybe, about being unable to take it back?, most certainly. Anyways, we settled her down and after alot of arguing, we got another council member, Biggs. Oh yeah, Jibblettes took a book or some books as well, hard to understand what exactly happened. Maybe Anna was trying to get Jibblettes hands dirty as well so all the blame would not rest on her solely. Who knows.

    Then it was time to sort out what we were going to do with these magic seeds we got from Bigg's sister. Seems the right thing to do was to try to return them everyone agreed upon, accept me of course. It seems I get voted down on everything! I should start supporting what I dont want, and that way, the others will vote in favour of what I DO want. Biggs on the council, I said no, they voted him in. Give the seeds back, I said no, they voted we give the seeds back. Goblin meat, surprise surprise, no yet again. One day theyll see. You know, Biggs keeps on complaining about how much coin we cost him. His sister was dead and we got her back alive, free of charge. He must be laughing himself silly behind closed doors somewhere, while my siblings wrestle with their morals and consciouses. Whatever. I should wait untill his bodyguard isnt around and pound him into the ground, maybe later.

    A tribe of gnolls came to our village today as well, asking for the winter witch from outside the west gate. What the hell? These huge wolflike creatures looked like bad news, thankfully they did not come to attack us, which I do believe is a first. Their leader had a large axe and was carrying on about a winter witch despite our efforts to move him on from our battlements. None of us had heard of a winter witch in our midst, Hugo mentioned nothing but suddenly there she was, the winter witch. Turns out she was Xalarms mother. She seemed to be popular among these wolf men creatures, like a sage or something. These gnolls could of made a mess of her, but she didn't fear them at all. She made her way through the gate and met the leader face to face on the access road with little regard for her safety. You could tell they knew each other or were acting like friends at the least, so we all followed on out to see what was going on. Looking at these gnolls, I couldn't help but think how usefull they'd be as allies. These guys looked like theyd had a fight or two in their time, and that was sorely needed around here. The winter witch turned to us eventually and told us what was going on. The leader had a son who was ill with a fever or something. He needed a cure but the catch was, he needed a special root to make the medicine to save his son. The witch knew where to find it but the gnolls were apprehensive about going to get it. They offered us trade in return for us doing the deed so we agreed, how hard could it be to go pluck a root!

    So off we all went to seek out this root the wolfmen needed. Turns out it was in an old cave under an abandoned druid grove not far from the Thel. We got there easily enough and then things began to go sour. First we spotted tracks, BIG tracks outside the cave. Never seen anything like them but one of the others recognised them, I couldnt beleive it, dragon tracks. Never seen or met a dragon before, but judging by the size of those footprints, they looked like VERY bad news. The others decided to scout the entire area to hopefully find another cave entrance, perhaps a back entrance of sorts was the logic so as to avoid the main entrance and what made those enormous tracks. The idea bore fruit and we found another entrance, more tracks but these were alot smaller. We lacked discipline as a group I must say, we all had opposing ideas about how we should tackle this incursion so in the end we all just went in.

    Things weren't going too badly to start off with, we were sneaking about quietly trying to find this root whilst remaining undiscovered and it was working, that is of course, untill we WERE discovered. Turns out it must of been hatching season for white dragons, there were lots of them, small dragons about the size of a bear. We tried to hold them at an entrance way to their cavern and it was working, untill more and more just kept coming. My skin served me well against their cold breath but the others werent so lucky. We took heavy casualties during the onslaught, Tyrion fell before we managed to gut them all but Anna got him back up with her dark arts. Tsaroth found the root we needed at last, just as we heard what must of been the mother dragon. All the screaming and fighting must of woken her. She could speak common, and was doing so, her voice was booming through the cave from every direction, informing us of our impending doom for this outrageous act of tresspassing we had performed. I looked at the carcasses of her many dead young we had just butchered and thought to myself, talking her out of her impending blood frenzy which she would unleash upon us may be difficult once she sees them. Still, Tsaroth thought he may be able to give it a go, I did not share his optomism and decided to yell back through the cave that the white elves had sent us. Why not I thought, if this dragon actually bought it, we could kill two birds with one stone. The others fled the cave but I stayed with Tsaroth, thinking the crazy bastard was going to get himself killed.

    Out of the darkness appeared two large glowing red eyes and then there she was, tall as a house, a monstrous white dragon, teeth gnashing and huge outstretched claws. She made her way toward us methodically, her voice booming with rage that we were all done for. For a huge thing she moved fast. I hunkered down behind my shield and then struck out with my axe in a long arcing blow as she approached. She beat her wings once pulling back and my axe missed her gut. Just as quickly she advanced and her claws slashed accross my shoulder and back as I finished my swing. I drew back behind my shield as her other taloned hand struck it and almost tore it out of my hand. I lunged at her again and just as before, she nimbly evaded my axe and struck at me again while I was regaining my stance. Blood pouring from me, I drew into my shield, backed off a little brandishing my axe and glanced at Tsaroth, giving him a quick headshake, this meant there was no way in hell we were taking her down like this. Tsaroth Began yelling at the great white, I wish to talk! Speak with me! as I lunged at her once more. This time she met my axe mid strike with her talons and swatted it away with a squeal and shower of sparks. Speak with me! Tsaroth yelled again as he waved me to exit the cave. I glanced down at the pool of my own blood I was standing in, he didnt need to tell me twice. I backed out of that cavern quick and as I entered the daylight, the dragon and Tsaroth dissapeared in the shadows within.

    I contemplated going back in there, my brother would surely need help, but I was bleeding, badly, I had to fight now, just to stay upright. I hoped to the gods that Tsaroth knew what he was doing and gave it up, I made back for town, hoping the great white would not make good on her promise to destroy it and all of us. I came accross Anna and Jibblette and the others some time later after stumbling through the snow for a while. They were making their way back to town through a stream, so as to cover their tracks thereby preventing the dragon from following us. I knew not what happened, but I gathered that the dragon had made quick work of Tsaroth and then flew ahead of me to attack my siblings. Must of been sheer luck she didnt see me, or I would of surely been fodder for the enormous creature in my state. Well, in any state for that matter. I dont know what happened, I was dizzy, I was hurting, time seemed to warp, I was talking with Jibblettes one moment, then I was back at the towns gate talking to Xalarm the next. He was questioning me as to what was going on. He tended my wounds as I informed him of our impending doom at the hands of the enraged white dragon. I told him Tsaroth was dead, I thought he was at that time. Xalarm immediately prepared himself to go out and find the others whom I think had decided to go back and try to find Tsaroth. It was going to be a bloodbath I thought sadly, my entire newly found family would all be lost this day. I looked at my trusty axe, it was all but useless against her, then I had an idea. If this dragon wanted a fight, she was going to get one, well, as I went down anyway. I don't know what made me think of it, but I thought of the biggest nastiest thing I could get my hands on to thrust at that dragon, the answer came quickly and I grinned, my teeth still bathed in my own blood, the ghost librarians enchanted poleaxe. Longer reach then my axe, sharp enchanted edge, humming with magical energy, oh yeah. It would mean leaving my shield behind, but given our last encounter, the shield did little to hold off her talons anyway. I fetched the poleaxe quickly and with a renewed sense of purpose, made back for her lair, hoping to happen upon her before my siblings did. It was a longshot, they all had a headstart on me, but I had to keep the hope they were still alive untill I saw otherwise. I jogged through the snow in the middle of the night, looking, listening, hoping.

    Then I came upon them in the middle of a snow covered field. The great white, there she was, and I could not believe my eyes, Tsaroth!, he lived! How? The druid had awakened another one of his enormous tree friends and the thing lumbered upon the dragon, its enormous armlike branches crashing against her talons and body. It was now that I saw my chance! She was formidable to say the least, but so too was the great awakened oak, and I resolved to myself at that moment, despite all the chaos, that I would never cut another oak down again. It was from behind I stalked her and then charged with the poleaxe at full lengh, swinging with all my might. But she despite her size was a nimble thing, dancing about to avoid the great oak. My blade glanced off her back making a small cut as she evaded. She turned her head for a second and I knew she knew It was me again, but the oak was proving a handfull for her. She tore at the oak with her talons and bit at its branches, splinters and leaves flew into the air as I wound up once again and leapt up bringing the poleaxe down upon her back with all the might I could muster. This time a square hit! The blade bit deep with a flash of light and loud burst of sound. She arched her wounded back in pain as the oak too, in mid swing landed a huge blow upon her outstretched wing. A resounding crack sent a shriek of pain from her steaming mouth. Panting, I wound up for another blow as too did the great oak, but the dragon thought better of it and fled before we could strike at her again.
    She could not fly, her wing appeared damaged and she was clearly injured as she scampered back toward her cave through the snow. Tsaroth and I gave chase for as long as we could. I made a few swipes at her as she ran, but even whilst wounded as she was, she was fast. Unfortunately, Tsaroths oak was very slow, so lumbered behind on the chase uselessly. Once we finally stopped our chase, tired, she called out behind her that she would destroy us as she continued on, presumably for her cave. I invited her to stop running, come back and try. Soon Tsaroths oak was upon us as we waited, the white it appeared, was done. Finally, we headed back to town, Tsaroth had the root and it seemed the danger was finally passed.

    Tsaroth gave the root to the winter witch and she in turn passed it on to the gnoll leader with instructions on what to do with it. I realised now why the gnolls had chosen to let us retreive the root for them. Oh well, you live and learn. The gnolls seemed very happy and finally made a treaty with us to supply 500 pelts for trade. At last it seemed, things were looking up. If we could get the gnolls to supply us regularly with pelts and onsell them, the Thel may just start turning a meagre profit.

  • MrDamageMrDamage Member Posts: 199
    Entry 90

    Just when I thought i'd seen it all, something new comes along and shocks me to hell. I was getting some well earned rest after spending the last few days mapping out the town and all the surrounding area. Found some pretty interesting stuff, and more importantly, no major threats. Anyhow, was asleep in the inn when I got rudely awoken by some screaming. I went out to take a look at what was going on and found everybody together in the inns main hall. There was a thick fog outside and the locals were terrified of it. They were convinced that if we went out into it, we would be killed. Malekiths son, brave little sod wanted to go out and see what it was. Tyrial got the idea to let him go up the inns chimney and take a peak outside to see what it was that was going on. Malekith didnt seem too keen on the idea, nor did his wife, and that was understandable, the little blighter might of been seriously hurt if not killed.

    Anyhow, the boy climbed the chimney before his mother could stop him to take a peak at what was going on outside. He came sliding down the chimney shortly after screaming at us to run. Whatever it was outside had obviously seen him. It was gas, or air. The room began to fill with the fog from outside through the chimney and suddenly these 3 eyed gas cloud creatures appeared. I'd never been attacked by a gas cloud before, well, not in this way, these things were striking at us with tentacle like arms, strangest things i ever saw. They had this tendancy to kind of burst, creating a powerfull localised gust of wind. It was like being pushed over by a bullrush, I was knocked onto my backside many times and that really started to get tiring.

    These gas creatures that had entered the inn through the chimney after Malekiths boy were a menace, but we managed to kill them without too much effort, if kill is the right word. This victory bolstered our resolve to go outside and see what it was that had decided to enter our town and run amok. The fog was thick outside, you couldnt see very far and there were alot of these gas creatures. Strangely, there were also undead, thawed from the ice somehow, fighting the gas creatures, as well as us. I saw one of the gas creatures grab the remains of one of the fallen undead and whisk them away, they were collecting remains, no doubt for some morbid purpose I reasoned at the sight of this activity.

    Stranger things yet eventuated, I noticed a giant, I mean big, warrior type fellow standing in the town watching us all fight. I really must stress how big this guy was, clutching an enormous hammer which he had slung over his shoulder. I was about as tall as his knee. He wore a horsehair helmet, the horse hair was red. He also wore some enormous armour. It wasn't untill later on that I found out that this guy was actually a Titan. And then, a little later, I found out what a Titan actually was. Servants of the gods they're supposed to be. It seemed that this one had opened a gate to another plane, the plane of air or something. Thats where all these gas creatures had come from to attack us, it was this Titans doing.

    They came to fight and fight we did, for hours on end. Exhausting work, Malekiths wife was incredible, she fought with a skill Ive never seen before, making short work of both undead and gas creatures, a blade in each of her hands. We all notched up our fair share of kills during that night of hell, some taking more serious wounds then others. It became apparent to us all that this onslaught was going to be endless, the more we killed, the more came to replace the fallen ones. The Titan seemed to stand and watch our efforts with amusement, while we watched him warily, expecting him to attack at any moment. But he didn't, I guess he didnt have to, these gas creatures were wearing us down, I was dog tired and the others too. It would only be a matter of time at this rate before they finally took us all down. I started to notice a strange pattern with the gas creatures, they seemed to favour Tyrial, he was like a beacon for them. Didn't know what it was or why, but just knew what I was seeing. I found myself having to come to his aid more often then not, for the gas creatures were ganging up on him with ferver.

    Without warning, the Titan spoke, calmly as if oblivious to our life and death struggle that was unfolding before him. I guess we were like ants to him, nothing more, a tiny hive of creatures that could be easily stepped on and sent to oblivion at his will. He called Tyrial son of Orcs, thought he must of been confused because we were so small to him. He must of mistaken Tyrial for me I reasoned. Can't see how, Im much better looking then him, oh well. The Titan spoke again and this time I was not so busy defending my life and caught what he said properly. He was actually calling Tyrial son of Orcus. I aint that smart, but Ive heard that name before, Im pretty sure its a god. Beats me what god though, maybe check up on that later. Anyhow, the Titan then seemed to take an interest in Annadoria. By his words he seemed confused. He called her an angel. Hah! if he had spent some time with her and saw what she was doing, bringing corpses back to life and stealing books, he may of changed his tune.

    Anyhow, he seemed convinced that Anna had the blood of angels in her veins. He seemed confused that her and Tyrial were actually fighting side by side and not each other. Anna told him whilst beating down an undead that they were brother and sister, why would she not defend her family. Tyrial didnt have much to say about it all which leaves me with a lingering suspicion that there's more going on here then meets the eye. Eventually we, well Annadoria mostly, spoke to the Titan, he seemed to like the fact that she had angel blood, the jury is still out on that one, but i'm no expert, I just know what I see like I said. Apparently, there is a necromancer of great strengh preparing to descend upon us all. This is why the Titan was here, visiting our village. The Titan said that he had opened up a planar gate to let the gas creatures through for the purpose of collecting any possible hosts this necromancer could use to strenghen itself and grow its armies numbers. Now it began to make sense, why the gas creatures were taking all life, then carrying off the remains. With nothing left, the necromancer had no means to enlarge his host army and gain power.

    Of course, this revelation was quite alarming for many reasons, the most obvious one being that the Titan was here with his gas creatures to kill us all! The Titan explained that this Necromancer had the means if he gained enough power to break this plane of existance, thus the drastic measures taken to contain his ambitions. It seemed we were just expendable pawns in a godly struggle of powers. The Titan, and his godly masters were convinced that this necromancer would kill us all and raise us as his undead army. I would of liked the chance to see if he actually could.

    So anyway, it seems I got my wish, Anna managed to convince the Titan to stay his onslaught. In return we would seek out this necromancer, and by the Titans reckoning, break his staff to destroy his power. He gave us 3 years to achieve this outcome or he would return to complete his work. The Titan said that the more undead there was around the necromancer, the more powerfull he would be, drawing his power from them. This insight we could use, and I intended to use it to our most fullest advantage when the time came.
    With the deal struck, the Titan closed his gate and the gas creatures were no more. The town was saved it seemed, for now. However, the Titans work was not done, he explained on leaving that he was headed to the next settlement to continue his work. I guess it may of been a moment of rashness, but I called to him, informing him of the white elf settlement nearby that could use his attention. Couldn't beleive my luck, the idea seemed to interest him just enough to take it onboard. In a matter of fact way, he said that he was going to visit a gnoll settlement next, our new friends!, but thought he might visit these white elves first, he had found some already, hiding he said. The Titan lumbered off into the night soon after and was gone. As I watched him leave, I could not help but feel a terrible guilt in what I had just done. These elves had never done anything to help us, and Im sure that if they had the chance, they would wipe us off the map, but still, I pitied them and felt guilty for sending what was coming for them, couldnt help it. I felt that soon I would have the blood of a village on my hands. I guess being a Thane is more then just parties, cakes and collecting taxes.

    Entry 91

    Well we lost a few chickens it seems and Tyrials horse was missing again, but thankfully it was no where near as bad as it could have been. That boy of Malekith, he's gonna be one to watch out for, if not for him it might of been much worse on the town before we ventured out to fight those gas creatures. Some of the townsfolk were rejoicing at the fact that the mists were gone and that we, the Thanes had gone out into it, fought and sent it packing. Of course my own mood was marginally more sombre as I knew the truth. We hadn't sent anything packing, all we had done was buy the town some more time by making a deal with that Titan. Everything still hung on a thread as far as I was concerned. Damn that jerk Fenhorn, we could really use a ship right now. We need to get word to the king about what's going on up here. Surely he would send us some help once he realises the gravity of the situation. But how to send word? There must be a way, somehow.
    Still no way to get into the keep. I can't beleive it, the damn things locked up tight and warded strong. Hugo thinks there is a key in the mage tower, which is also locked up, very handy. He did mention however that the tower was locked up for a reason, the mage that used to reside in there was missing, feared killed along with father. Apparently he had performed some experiments in that tower, experiments that are probably still in the tower prowling its dark rooms and corridors. Wonderfull, there is always a catch.

    Malekiths wife had instructed him to get rid of the dragon bones beside the keep. Those were the bones of the dragon that father was supposed to have killed all those years ago, making him famous. Malekith wanted to burn them but Annadoria was not so keen. She thought they might serve as a deterent for other dragons contemplating attacking the town, thus wanted them left alone where they were. I think she also considered the history behind them and fathers legacy which is why she wanted them left alone. As for myself I couldnt give two toots about a bunch of old bones. The only thing that worried me about them is the fact that they were the bones of a rather large dead dragon. I saw the old blood lust in Hugo as well. The old fart was going on about how the only good dragon was a dead one. He was quite happy to see the bones, i guess they reminded him of times passed when father was alive and great feats were accomplished. I'm guessing he had seen first hand the wrath of a beligerent dragon in his time. Anyhows, as for the bones, like I said they worried me because they were those of a large dead dragon. We seem to have an undead problem around these parts and I really do not want to see an undead dragon imparting wrath upon us. We got enough to worry about as it is.

    Entry 93

    The town was pretty quiet today. Everybody seems to know what to do and they do it. I did some drills with a couple of the militia girls and we discussed guard duty tactics and things of that nature. I headed off to visit our new neighbours in the west after that, the gnoll folk. It was a nice day and a decent walk through the snow to get there. I half expected to spot Xalarm, Jibblettes or even Tsaroth spying on me from the woods but saw no one, still felt eyes on me though, must of been one of them, surely. Anyhow, reached the gnoll folk trading post and was quite impressed. Not sure if they had built the building they were trading in, or had simply taken it over because it was deserted. It was nice enough and warm inside. Had a look at what they had for sale. Some of the food they were peddling, ye gods! I'm not very fussy, but im sure some of it would make even my stomach turn. I wanted to say hello and see how their lot was going, but it turned out that none of them there spoke common. They knew who I was however and it didn't take much grunting and pointing before a barter session was established. Not much more to tell about today, headed back to town, past that mage tower which I now look up at with newfound reservation. I'm sure there are things up there looking down at me as I walk past.

  • MrDamageMrDamage Member Posts: 199
    Entry 97

    Those gnoll folk aint too bad once you get to know them. Still havent been able to talk to any of them, but just watching them during my mapping tour of the southern areas has taught me a little about them. They're strong, and pretty quick too, natural born fighters you could say. They seem to be a warrior like lot that hunts with a pack mentality, saw them take down some prey with viscious intent in a matter of seconds, inspiring to watch. Sure am glad the winter witch got them on side early, we would of surely fallen had this lot attacked the Thel. So I returned to the Thel after a few days in the wilderness and the first person I see is Biggs. There goes my mood in the first five minutes of getting back. Seems alot went on while I was away. Tyrial found some dwarves who sound like they would be usefull in the mine. The Empire trading company showed up and it seems Bigg's has been busy. Must admit, I actually like this plan of his. He wants to buy a ship off the Empire and then man it with mercenaries, a lot that he calls Ronin. We already have the funds to make this happen which is a pretty big tick in my book. If we could re-establish contact with the outside world, we could get supplies, maybe men, start breathing life back into this town. Curse Fenhorn and his lot for cutting us off. One day he's really gonna get it for that.

    Biggs had it in mind to cook up a banquet for our Empire guests to get them onside for when he tries to seal this deal he's been working on. He didn't seem to want us there though, which made a couple of the others suspicious, him making deals behind our backs and such, who knows what would be going on, I could see the others point. Anyhow, we had other work to do whilst he went ahead and did all that. For my mind I dont really care what he comes up with, anything is more then we're getting now, which is nothing. And if it comes to light that he really has cheated us or is cheating us with his secretive dealings, all the better, I can finally get rid of the little bugger like I should of on day one and nobody will be able to stop me, ha!. So the way I see it, it's a win win situation, whether he betrays us, or doesn't, I am happy.

    My siblings, and Biggs, decided that we should open up the old mine near the town again and I fully agree. If that mine yields any good ore, our gold woe's could be solved in no time. We already have forges, a workshop, it wouldn't be a great leap to start producing some real coin generating stock. So it came down to who was gonna go and do it. Biggs and Tiny wanted to stay in town to prepare for this feast to entertain our trading guests. We persuaded Tiny to come, but he vanished early into the expedition, seems he wasn't all that interested. Malekith, Tyrial and myself were going to do the deed. Annadoria was there, but she wanted to stay with Biggs and monitor this banquet and trade talks he wanted to host. But when it became clear that the event would not start for quite some time, and we really needed a person of her talents along, she decided to come with us to the mines.

    Entry 98

    This days events have been like none other. I am changed forever, I finally see what it is that I am, why I do not fit in with humanfolk. All my life I have been fooling myself, I, am orc. Dawn had broken and we were making final preparations for the expedition to the old mine to open it up and deal with any hostilities within. Tiny the minotour smelled them first, orcs. A band of orcs had arrived beyond the north gate, but they were not hostile. They said that they were seeking the true king. Tyrial and Malekith thought that I should masquerade as this king they sought, I being of orc blood. This band looked like they could do some serious damage, and there was only a few of us in town to defend it as the others were still missing in the wilds. I agreed despite my better judgement and proclaimed myself to be this King they sought. Little did I know, that in fact, I actually WAS this king they sought.
    I met their leader on the road, I found it peculiar that this orc like me was of half-blood, but his features were distinctly elvish beyond the orcish. Like myself, he and this band of orcs had bluish skin. But what was most incredible was the tattoo I saw on his barely clad chest. I recognised it, for I had one just like it. I was in shock as I realised the ramifications of what stood before me here. At the same time, this leader demanded to see the tattoo on my chest but I was stunned as I realised what was happening here. Finally, I removed my chestplate to show their leader what I already knew, our tattoos were identical.
    The leader upon seeing my tattoo seemed somewhat relieved, he introduced himself properly. He was Goremax, son of Erraka, my brother. He was glad to see me. He spoke of deeds I had done that had reached them. Luck and spontanious wit were what these deeds were born from, but none the less, they had made an impact which did not go un-noticed among the orc folk. I did not fear this band of orcs when they first arrived, but their arrival was deeply troubling to me, for I knew what these folk were capable of, and how the smallest thing could set them to war. Now as I looked at them, their large ominous serrated swords, their semi wild demeaners and powerfull builds, I actually felt pride. Most, well, practically all of them were ugly by human standards, they looked unkept and slow of mind, but these were MY folk, and I would change nothing of them even had I the chance.
    It was as though a lifetime of questions I had were answered in a moment of clarity and revelation. Goremax explained that Mother had conceived him, of half elf blood to gain the strengh of magic like no other pureblood orc could. She conceived me and placed me among the human folk so that I may gain the human strenghs of intelligence, cunning and ruthlessness. Her plan had indeed worked, for I knew the scale of my wit was greater then this entire bands added together, save that of my brother.
    I had barely spent a few moments with this band of orcs, but already I felt more comfortable with them then I had ever felt in my entire life among humans, It was incredible. It was as though I had been released from some lifelong shackles. All my life I had tried to be human despite my heritage. I was always carefull not to frighten others with my size and temper. I had always faught the wild throws of my orcish emotions, kept my bloodlust in check, kept myself civilized. But now, all these things that have always been a part of me, were no longer to be suppressed, they were to be CELEBRATED! I am Orc. Among my own kind, everything I was, felt right.

    It was a heady mix of revelation and release. I discarded my humanborn social graces and spoke with what I was, not, what others expected me to be. My brother had more news still. This band of ten orc warriors that had accompanied him, were for me! Mother had sent them to me as a blood guard, to honour me. I could not believe it, only moments ago this bands arrival had deeply concerned me, now, I saw only potential, and power. I kept two with me as guard and showed the rest to the barracks for their lodging. These orcs would guard our village with their lives, finally, we had some real defence against the enemies outside. Tyrial seemed to think this was a problem, bringing my brethren into the village, but I saw no problem. They will sleep by day and guard and hunt by night. Unless we are attacked, in which case they will rise and meet the threats. Each was yet to earn a name, so their ferociousness in battle was all but guaranteed. I barked orders at them and revelled in what I had become that morning, the true king! An orc!

    Entry 99

    Goremax my brother has long since departed as I write this in the quiet of my lodging. The events of yesterday appear as though they were a dream to me now. I can't help feeling some real concern that orcs are living in the village now, and It was me who let them in. They fear me, the true king, and I have laid down the law, but I know that my brethren can be undisciplined and easily distracted, for they are orc. They will leave the townsfolk and livestock alone, I just need to keep checking on them. I find myself reflecting upon what I am becoming. Yesterday, there was nothing more right then being orc, being what my other bloodhalf has always wanted me to be. But that beast within me has wallowed in the banquet of release and quenched its thirst, it now rests. I find myself wondering if it really is my path, to descend wholeheartedly into the manner of the orc, to undo the human I have become. The simple ways of the orc are attractive and promise freedom from the shackles of rightousness and ethics, but is this a path I truly wish to pursue?. Yesterday, I actually contemplated giving my honour guard a human from the village as a slave, such a thought now sends shivers up my spine, what in the name of the gods was I thinking? I could never do such a thing in clear conscience. It appears I am human, after all, though it is also true that some humans would have no reservations about doing such a thing.

    Yesterday after my brother Goremax's visit and departure, we made an incursion into the old mine as originally planned. I took two of my guard and Malekith, Tyrial and Annadoria made up the rest of our group. Near the entrance we found an ancient construct which the others said was there to stop anything coming out of the mine. Tyrial used his mind to shatter rocks barring our path. At first he was fairly weak, but he seemed to grow in strengh quickly to the point where he could instantly shatter a boulder the size of a man. Impressive. As we descended into the mine we encountered undead folk, they were drow, a race of underground elves by the others accounts. The mine was infested with little flying devils and these undead drow. They faught well but were no match for our incursion party. My guard faught hard and bravely, they gave me pride and confidence as we descended ever further into the mine. I began to see veins of silver and gold in the rock. This mine would indeed be a great asset if we could get it up and running, and cleared.

    We came to what looked like the bottom level of the mine and came upon something very strange indeed. There was a large demon there, bound to a circle on the ground. He was green in colour and Annadoria said he was a Balor. He said his name was Megabarrow. Beside him was a door which it was revealed to be a path to the underdark, where the drow came from. Megabarrow had been bound there to stop the drow from coming up from the underdark. He wanted to be freed and seemed to think that Tyrial was his best chance of this happening. He offered Tyrial two Succubi as payment but Tyrial was not interested. Annadoria was also very dubious about releasing the demon, I just wanted it out of our mine so we could begin production. The problem was that it was a demon, and could not be trusted. Once freed, would it leave, or take to killing us all first for fun?. It was decided to seal the creature off in that part of the mine and maintain a guard. Megabarrow was the one responsible for making the undead drow and he made it clear that he would keep making as many as he could to annoy us untill we freed him. Hopefully some further reflection on the problem will produce a better solution then just sealing him off. Wait and see.

    I am contemplating the idea of spending a few days in the wilds with my bloodguard of ten. To live and hunt like them, to truly let myself unravel and become what it is I am destined to become, far away from the Thel where I might possibly hurt someone. I'll disguise it as a hunting trip and blood naming expedition. When my half kin first showed up, I felt more like an orc then they probably felt themselves. But now, I feel, human.

  • MrDamageMrDamage Member Posts: 199
    My most esteemed inquisitor, it must at this point be known, that although insightfull, the Hunn's excerpts do not properly reflect the full scale of all events transpiring at that time. His mind was becoming clouded as he struggled with his identity, and his observations grow somewhat obscure and at times, are simply false. My own chronicles of these events which favour your interest such would better serve, only to supplement those of the Half-orc of course. If it please you inquisitor, I shall proceed. Very well.

    As we all know my esteemed inquisitor, this was a very chaotic time for the Thel dinge and what remained of her Thanes. I honestly do not know what became of Yolo, though I have my suspicions that Rex may of thrown him into the sea. One less Thane to bide for the title you see. Oh, why do I think that? By all accounts, he was the last one to be seen with Yolo, one night near the docks, where it is said he was grumbling angrily about having found his brother passed out drunk yet again. A lone witness, one of the milita girls, dear thing, said she saw Rex carry Yolo off into the night, yelling at him that he was a waste of food. Yes inquisitor, an astute observation, Yolo probably would of froze to death anyway had the half-orc not sniffed him out and left him there, but let us not forget, his breed are not known to harbour clever minds. As you wish inquisitor, I shall not speculate on any further matters that have no proof.

    Jibblettes rest her poor soul met her fate at the hands of the titans gruel, but oddly, not in the Thel. After the other Thanes had managed to stay the Titans attack, Rex had managed to direct them toward the white elf settlement, but Jibblette could not live with this and secretly took it upon herself to warn them of their impending doom. She did so successfully without detection from the Thel, as she masked this escapade with one of her routine hunts. Her fate was sealed when her compassion compelled her to stay and help the white elves fight off the gruel. Like most of the white elves, she eventually succumbed to their number and mindless resolution.

    I do not know my esteemed inquisitor, I can only speculate as to the whereabouts of Xalarm and Xsaroth at this time, and you have forbidden me to do so. Very well inquisitor, my own beliefs are that they lost interest in the affairs of men and returned to the wilds, it is their way. Yes inquisitor, the Flind settlement to the south still had treaty with the Thel for trade and peace at this time. It is unlikely to my mind they were taken.

    Obsessed by the demon the Thanes had found in the depths of the mine, Annadoria was seen little, she spent most of her time in the temple, researching such matters and seeking wisdom from her deity. It is unfortunate, for she was sorely missed on the Thanes incursion of the tower of the Barghest, as was Tsaroth and the others. This was folly, an ill planned, poorly executed expedition which saw great losses, and it all began when Rex's blood orcs found a lone stray white elf in the wilds near the Thel...

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